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Good day everyone, in our mission to provide assistance to other pet owners and lovers alike, through information and education, We are widening our scope of topics. With our audience quickly rising, we are now welcoming collaborations from businesses, organizations, bloggers, and event organizers.

If you're a blogger/author who wishes to contribute an article

If you're a business, who wishes to be featured or advertise

If you're a non-profit organization and clubs who wishes to spread their advocacies or invite people to be a member of their community

If you're an event organizer who wishes to request for partnership/sponsorship

For other inquiries and concerns please send us an email at

Bloggers/Authors Collaborations

Q: How do I contribute?
A: Just accomplish THIS FORM and attach a PDF of your article

Q: What can I write about?
A: Anything pet related, Guides, Top 10s, Advocacies, and Travel Guides

Q: What do I get for contributing?
A: Aside from due credit and feature, you are entitled to any sponsorships gained by you, and any other perks that came with the article submitted. Also should you be able to submit at least 20 published articles within a year, you will receive a special Kardogshian Care Package by the end of the year. The same accomplished contributor may be invited to join us in events to widen their network

Sample attribution at the end of every article:

Q: Why should I contribute?
A: Aside from the feature, you can get the joy of helping others through information and education.

Q: Will my articles be published?
A: The Kardogshians reserves the right to accept or decline any articles as deemed necessary. Should your article meet our standards, then we are sure to publish it.

Business Features

Q: How can we be featured?
A: Accomplish THIS FORM. Just be sure that your business is free from scams, scandals, fraud, and fallacious/misrepresenting information. The Kardogshians reserve the rights to refuse the advertisement of such businesses

Q: Is there a fee to be featured?
A: There is no straight answer for this as it can be done for free or with a fee, depending on the extent of feature you wish to be provided, and the nature of your business. Small online businesses with locally produced products or services typically needs no fee as we aim to promote filipino products.

Q: What is the extend of our feature?
A: There are a selection of offers available in the form provided. It can be solely through an article, or with social media expansion features.

Q: How huge is your audience?
A: Proof of the following may be requested through email upon accomplishing said form

Non-Profit Organizations and Clubs

Q: How can we be featured?
A: Please kindly accomplish THIS FORM. Just be sure that your organization and clubs are free from fraud, scams, scandals, and fallacious/misrepresenting information. The Kardogshians reserve the rights to refuse the advertisement of such organizations or clubs.

Q: Who can be featured
A: Any non-profit groups, clubs, organizations, and associations that are pet related.

Q: What are your requirements?
A: The following are required of the organizations and clubs;

1. That the organization or club be for a lawful purpose
2. That the organization or club has a member of atleast 20
3. That the organization or club be officially accredited or acknowledged, in cases where it is not, the same shall provide atleast 5 members whom we can interview for proof of existence
4. That the organization does not engage in any scams, scandals, fraud, and other deceitful acts

Q: Are we allowed to recruit through your website?
A: Not directly, we may provide a link to your website or facebook group or page on our feature article.

Q: Are we allowed to ask for donations through your site?
A: Not directly, we may provide a link to your donation information on our feature article.

Q: What is the extent of our feature?
A: Depending on the importance of the organization and the club's functions and size. The Kardogshians reserves the right to determine the extent of the organization's feature.

Q: Is there a fee to be featured
A: None.

Events Organizers

Q: What kind of partnership can you offer?
A: Primarily as a Media and Promotion Partner, Which shall include;

(1) Article Feature/s
(2) Social Media Campaigns
(3) Physical Campaigns and;
(4) Other promotional needs (digital visuals, tarpaulin digital creation, and a like) 

Sponsorships in cash or kind may be requested through email, just send your sponsorship proposal and packages to us at

Request for guesting as speaker, panelist, or judge may done through email as well 

Q: What Sponsorship/Partnership Benefits do you require?
A: In case of Media and Promotion Partnership/Sponsorship, we request nothing more than the standards, that we'd be;

(1) Allowed to display a banner or booth at your event (as the case may be)
(2) Provided brand recognition in advertising materials and on websites
(3) Provided access for interviews with the guests and organizers.
(4) Provided with equal benefits as the other Media Partners

All are flexible except for 2 and 4
Q: What are your requirements
A: The following are the requirements for availing our sponsorship;

1. That the event be for a lawful purpose
2. That the event be officially accredited or acknowledged
3. That the event is final, and is not in fear of getting cancelled or re scheduled.
4. That the event organizers does not engage in any scams, scandals, fraud, and other deceitful acts
5. That the event is dog/pet related. In case it is not, please enlist the sponsorship of our brother blog Sky's Not The Limit instead
5. That a representative be made available as our contact person

Q: When should we submit the request
A: Atleast 3 weeks before the event, earlier requests are advised.

If there are other questions, requests and inquiries feel free to email us at

XOXO The Kardogshians. 


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