Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Rejoice Furents! Our little doggo babies are now allowed inside Public Utility Vehicles (PUV)!
Memorandum Circular 2020-003 of The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (or LTFRB) dated January 27, 2020, set the guidelines of allowing pets, limited only cats and dogs, to ride alongside their owners on PUVs
PUVs include public utility buses (PUBs), jeepneys (PUJs), UV Express services, and premium point-to-point bus services, among others.

The LTFRB through MC 2020-003, however, provides the following conditions:
  •  If pet animals are to be loaded on mass transport, without having to compromise safety, health issues, and convenience of other passengers, said pet animals must be put in a cage or animal carrier free from the foul odor.
  •     Passenger-owner must ensure that pets wear animal diapers to maintain cleanliness and sanitation at all times during the journey.
  •     Dog sizes must be the range of small to medium, as large and giant dogs will not be allowed. (I know the doggo discrimination is for real)
  •     Pets placed inside carriers or cages must be beside the passenger-owner, and must pay the corresponding fare the same as that of the paying passenger owner per seat occupied.

Please remember that this is a mere privilege and not a right, meaning that the LTFRB may choose to revoke this circular should there be any issues with such permission. Issues such as but not limited to; Chewed up buss interiors, neglected animal urine or excrements, and animal attacks.

For the sake of Responsible pet ownership, and in addition to the conditions laid down by LTFRB, Please try to keep the following in mind.

  • Always clean up after your pet
  • Make sure all the conditions laid down by LTFRB are met
  • Take control of your pet, restrain them so they won't roam around the PUV's for their safety, as well as the safety of others.
  • If your pet barks a lot or are aggressive, please opt out of riding PUV's. But if you really must please place them in a secure cage or carrier and make them wear a muzzle 
  • If your pet sheds, place them in an enclosed carrier or cage
  • Make sure your pet is safe at all times

The bottomline is to not at any cost, cause an inconvenience to other people. bringing your pet along with you might be super fun, but if it encroaches upon other’s enjoyment, it is just downright bad. Also if it is deemed detrimental to your pupper’s well being just opt not to. Always remember that animals' behavior is a mirror of their owner’s

Now here are some tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable travel with your doggo;

  • Make them wear harnesses, and if possible get a carrier with a built in leash that way your doggo is well secured in his/her seat
  • Get a PET TAG for your dog just incase, if you have the means to, you can also get a tracker.
  • If there are seatbelts you have to secure your carrier to the seatbelt
  • Pack small treats with you incase your doggo becomes fuzzy out of hunger
  • It’s nice to have a dog water feeder as well

For long travels;
  • Carry an odour neutralizer spray, just because your doggo’s in a diaper doesn’t mean they can’t stink up the entire bus, bring one with you hopefully with a very neutral scent
  • Make use of the allocated stop overs to allow your doggo to do it’s business outside the bus, just make sure to pick up after them
  • Your doggo can get stressed out, make sure to always comfort them
  • Bring a toy, hopefully something that emits no sound, your doggo can get bored too
  • Don’t just jump right on the next provincial trip with your doggo specially if they don’t have prior experience traveling as it can be burdensome to you and your doggo.

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