Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Newest Kardogshian: Maya

We met Maya through a friend of a friend, her human was scheduled to leave the country leaving her human no choice but to put Maya up for adoption. Following our principles and support for #AdoptDontShop we decided to take her in and provide for the care and support that she needs.

Her given name is Maya of Habilis, a descendant of Loki of Wolfenson and Merida or Kingspoint she's a Siberian Husky of quality pedigree. While it doesn't matter to us, we believe it's worth mentioning since she's the only adopted Kardogshian with papers.

As of the time being, she's slowly transitioning or adapting with her new environment, new humans, and new playmates. As a Kardogshian, she's starting to warm up with the rest of the pack. The little ones are still afraid of her size though. 

She's playful, energetic and quite sweet in her own little ways, she loves to sit beside her new human as the latter studies for his exams.

Expect to see a lot of her very soon in all our platforms..

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XOXO The Kardogshians


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