Monday, October 8, 2018

Puppia Harness Review

We’ve never been a fan of using collars for dogs, we find it a bit inhumane to pull a dog by his/her neck, that’s why we always opt for harnesses. Before we always get the cheap cute ones at around 150-300php each but they always end up short lived leaving us with no choice but to keep buying and buying new ones.

Finally we decided to simply get a more durable albeit more expensive one, but we need to be on Kardogshian brand, meaning we had to have something that’s durable and cute. 

And there it was, PUPPIA!

Puppia is probably one of the leading brands for high quality pet harness that specializes in durable stylish pet harnesses for small to medium sized dog breeds.

What we love about Puppia is the material and the print that never fades even after multiple washing. It’s material is thick yet breathable, and light and the Kardogshians are loving it.

Our first 2 Puppia harnesses were gifts from a friend (The black and gold, and the furry angel wings which is not in the photos) the suceeding 2 (blue and pink chevron) we bought from a friend who used to re-sell these costing us atleast 2,500php each. and the last one was won from an international competition.

Puppia Harnesses are available in selected Hobbes and Lands and in Lazada, There, prices vary from 3,500-6,000php.

 It maybe costly but it sure is worth it, we’ve had ours for about 3 years and it’s still just as durable as it was before. 

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XOXO The Kardogshians

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