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What to Expect When Your Dog is Expecting: Part 2 - Your Responsibilities

Now that you’ve confirmed your dog’s pregnancy, from "Part 1 Signs Of Pregnancy” Let’s talk about how to take care and support your pregnant dog. As the human of the pregnant dog you have certain responsibilities that you must partake:

Provide the Best Nutrition

A pregnant dog will require good nutrition to support the demands of the growing fetuses in her body. It is important that you feed her only the best of the best, either premium dog food or home cooked meals. When Khaleesi was pregnant I would feed her one whole egg per day, either boiled or poached, because eggs contain a ton of nutrients that your pregnant dog can benefit from. (We will try our best to post a recipe soon)

As mentioned in the previous article they may lack appetite, so in an instance where they would eat a lot, just let them be, they probably want the extra nutrition to support her litter

Make Sure She Gets Moderate Exercise

When your dog is pregnant it is important that her body is toned and not overweight, as a fit body plays an important role before, during and after pregnancy. You need to ensure that your dog is in top physical condition to undertake pregnancy. 

So what kind of exercise do we need to do? Experts advice that casual short walks are the best since it’s low impact and lessens the chances your dog could receive an injury or endanger the pups.

Care and Support

It is important that your dog feels safe at all times, you always need to lessen the stress level at home, meaning try your best to not shout, or make loud shocking noises. Having guests over is not entirely a good idea as well as it can cause them stress when they feel like their home is being invaded. 

Give her lots of care and positive reinforcements, when Khaleesi was pregnant I would go above and beyond to bring her anything she would want, if she wants a belly rub, or a hug, or just to simply sit on my lap, I would allow it. I sometimes talk praises at her so she’d feel reassured.

One thing you have to understand is that, when they are pregnant, they are uncomfortable, giving care and support is more of a mental thing than it is physical but it helps a lot when they are assured they are in a safe environment as they go through the entire ordeal. Provide them with a comfortable place to rest as her belly grows.

Prepare A Whelping Box

whelping box, also known as a nesting box or whelping pen, is designed to protect puppies during birth (whelping) and early life by keeping them safely contained, protected from cold, and safe from the danger of crushing or smothering by the mother.

Unfortunately for us Filipinos, there are no readily available whelping boxes available for us to purchase in the Philippine Market (as far as I know at least, cuz I searched far and wide to no avail) So we are left to our own devices to make some ourselves, our whelping box are all DIYs, unfortunately we don’t have pictures to show so we can’t possibly show you how to DIY it. (Maybe in the future)

Observe Health

You must and always look for signs of complications, if your dog starts coughing, having seizures, or other signs of a disorder you better check with your vet immediately. 

If your dog has vaginal discharges, that’s pretty normal specially during the last 5 weeks, if your pregnant dog has vaginal discharges in an earlier stage of gestation or if their vaginal discharge has a foul odor or a brownish color you must consult your vet immediately, as it might be a sign of miscarriage

Milk production is normal, sometimes you can find your dog’s breast leaking milk or producing milk at a slight touch.  Likewise, Moving puppies is normal as well, you can actually feel them moving yourself by gently placing your hand on your dog’s stomach.

Be Alert

You always have to be alert, your dog can't tell you if they are about to give birth, so it is important that you'd be there specially if your dog is on their 8th-9th week (If you can't physically be there at all times, have someone babysit for you for a while) Even if we are quite experienced at this subject matter, we still find ourselves surprised whenever we randomly see them going to labor

The same is true specially for dog breeds that require a C-Section. 

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