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What to Expect When Your Dog is Expecting: Part 5 - Recovery

Helping your dam recover from labor is something not every pet owners think about, but to some of us who are obssesed with our dog’s well being, here are the things you can do to help them recover from labor

Keep Their Whelping Box Clean

As mentioned in the previous article, you need to clean their whelping box after labor, remove all soiled materials and replace it with clean bedding. You will need to repeat this atleast once a day as the puppies poop all the time. Try your best to do this with a minimum distress on the part of the mother

Wash The Dam

Read before acting. Your dam’s labor fluids can get to her fur and cause all kinds of smell and skin irritation. After your dog gives birth, give her a relaxing wash, using a cloth damped with warm water, gently clean the mother entirely until she’s free from blood, fluid or tissues. 

Keep the Mother Nourished

You have to always make sure that the dam is getting the proper nutrition she needs, a good amount of protein will do the trick. Some dogs also tend to be very picky after giving birth, so more tasty food is a must.

Give Her Some Vitamins

Giving birth can take a toll on your dog’s health, that’s why we always make them drink Papi OB after every birth. We remember making the mistake of not giving Kylie vitamins leading to her suffering a Hypocalcemia.

Be Delicate

Your dog will become over protective of their kin, I remember Khaleesi almost biting me for the first time since I tamed her, because I hastly put my hand in the box. Only if you need to, try to be gentle when dealing with the dam and her puppies, this will make your dog feel like they’re safe.

Give Her Some Alone Time with the Pups

You need to allow your dog to spend resting time with her puppies so she can bond with them as well as gain their energy back. Don’t get clingy because your dog can’t rest within the presence of humans, likewise if you have multiple dogs like us, try to separate them from her as she can get super aggressive against other dogs going near her puppies.

Check on Her Often

Just because she needs her alone time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be around her at all. She needs reassurance that you love her and that she’s being taken care of. When Khaleesi gave birth, I would always watch her eat and visit her from time to time

Don’t Take The Puppies Out of the Dam’s Sight

Never make this mistake, unless otherwise needed. Taking a puppy away from it’s mother’s sight can cause her a lot of stress. Whenever we manually feed the puppies or make them drink vitamins, we do it near the mother at all times.

For dogs who have gone under C-section, because of the healing incision, further measures must be done by the owner to help in their recovery.

Listen to Your Vet

Your vet will recommend a bunch of meds such as antibiotics, vitamins, and things do to, YOU MUST ABIDE. 

Try to Constrain Your Pup

Energetic dogs tend to leave their pup in the whelping box to come play around the house, you have to stop them from doing so. Any activity that can increase the damage or hinder the healing process of her c-section incision, suck as but not limited to jumping, and climbing. When Khaleesi was pregnant we would lock her up in the third floor mezzanine of our house so she wont climb up and down the stairs and jump on couches like she normally does

Dealing With Puppy Problem

The hardest part of dealing with a dog who underwent c-section is keeping the puppies away from the incision, because of its close proximity to the breasts the puppies have a tendency to press on the incision with their paw or even suck at it. Three problems can stem out of it; first it hinders the healing process, second the puppies can accidentally suck on the ointments and third the puppies’ saliva might cause infection. so let’s tackle this problems one by one.

One way of stoping the pupping from going near them is by redirection, whenever they come near the incision move them to a breast that’s quite far from it, however this would be hard to do as it implies that you need constant surveillance of your dog. Another way would require you to manually feed the puppies so they wont spend that much time sucking on their mother’s teats.

As far as them eating their mother’s incision ointment and the saliva problem, you just have to clean the wound every 4hrs. Swab it down cotton balls and alcohol to clean up any saliva, put all the ointments in and wait for it to subside before allowing her to rejoin her puppies.

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