Sunday, September 16, 2018

What to Expect When Your Dog is Expecting: Part 7 - Nursing Puppies

Newborn puppies are quite a handful and can easily make anyone flustered or overwhelmed. Their basic needs are; warmth, food, hygiene, care and comfort. While your dog can provide them all by herself, there are things that you can also do to help her out.


Newborn puppies need warmth as their bodies have not yet develop the ability to adapt to different temperatures and climates. You can help provide this by using warm light or if you have the money for it, a heater lamp. Whenever we have furbabies, we always place at least two study lamps pointing towards the whelping box, use a bulb with a high wattage, ideally with a warm color. But if you have a heater lamp, one would be ok. You can get heater lamps at Ace Hardware Stores or Lazada, although they are pretty costly.


You need to make sure your newborns are getting the right amount of food. A newborn pup drinks their milk every 2hrs, most of the time, your dam will provide their needs, however sometimes the dam can have a hard time generating milk or just leave the pups to fend for themselves. In the aforementioned scenarios, you have to step in and manually feed the puppies yourself every 2hrs. 

It is important to note that regular human milk just wont do, you need to actually buy the puppy formula available at veterinary clinics and some pet stores. It can be quite costly but it’s worth it, as there will be less poop to clean up and less development issues to arise. 

You can manually feed them using a plastic dropper, a syringe without a needle, or an actual puppy milk bottle, I highly suggest the latter because it’s easier and more manageable.


The puppies during the early stages have their eyes closed, leading them to unknowingly roll around their own poop or urine and develop all kinds of bacteria. Now, you cannot bathe a newborn puppy until they are about 6 months old, so the best option for you is to rub them with a warm damped cloth (not drenched, damped) you can add a little alcohol to your damped cloth, just be sure not to get it into their sensitive areas.

Care and Comfort

There will eventually come a time when the mother will grew tired of taking care of the pups, even if the pups aren’t ready yet for such independence. You’re going to need to keep a close guard, make sure they don’t accidentally bite on anything harmful, walk on dangerous territories, or just put themselves in danger. 

Another thing is that you’d want to pet them and carry them from time to time so they adjust to human interaction as well.

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