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Dog Toys 101: The Right Toy, For the Right Dog

We often don’t give this one a second thought, since there are literally tons of choices available. However it is important for us to understand that dog toys can affect your dog’s physical and mental health. Here are some of the things you might want to consider when getting dog toys

Dogs are normally energetic animals, they tend to have a lot of excess energy that they need to release, one of the best proven avenues is through the use of dog toys. Dog toys help your dogs be more proactive specially when you are not around, it also helps them be distracted from your absences or their anxieties.

A study from Bristol Veterinary School shows that dogs tend to develop indifference towards a single toy after adjusting to the initial qualities or function of the toy, just like any kid. The way to combat this indifference is by providing a variety of toys which the dog can alternate playing with from time to time

You need to get the dog toy with the size that is the rational equivalence to his/her size. If the toy is too small it can be a choking hazard or they can just chew it up and swallow, leading to indigestions and other complications, likewise if a toy is too big, it can damage their teeth or jaw.

There are three common materials used in making dog toys. These are;


Be sure to use bisphenol A-free. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960. It has toxic properties that can damage your dog’s health


Dogs love to play with something they can destroy, that’s why they love toys made out of fabric. This would however be quite effortful for pet owners as (1) You need to put it in the laundry once every week and; (2) You need to supervise it’s usage. Why? well you need to clean them as bacteria tends to attach more on fabrics and you need to supervise in cases where the toy has cotton inside, you wouldn’t want your dog eating cotton would you?


This is the most common material used in toy dogs as it has that squeeky sound most dogs like but it’s also one of the most dangerous materials out there. The way we test if the rubber toys are safe is by smelling the air that comes out of that tiny hole (all rubber toys have tiny holes) If it smells way too bad, then it’s not for us to purchase.

Your dog toys must always adhere to the type of dog that you have so it will not merely be a toy but can also enhance your dog’s skills and provide their other needs.

Plush Toys

What Type of Dog: dogs who enjoy chewing through soft materials

There are plenty of plush toys you can purchase. Dog owners don’t normally get these as it can easily get destroyed in a matter of seconds. Our best advice is to get something extremely cheap so you wont get distraught once it gets chewed up into pieces like those from Daiso or those 100 or less stuffed animals available at most Ayala Malls kiosks (almost always located near the cinema, often with a book kiosk beside it), or get something a bit more expensive but durable like those of Kong (P300 - P600) or ZippyPaws (P1,000-P5,000) line of plush dog toys.

Retrieving Toys

What Type of Dog: dogs who are athletic

One word! FETCH! Retrieving toys can come in any form, the difference is in the utility, as most toys can be left to your dog’s own devices, a retrieving toy normally requires your effort as well, as it is coupled with the fetching activity. We don’t have any specific recommendations as most of it are all the same, mostly are in a form of a ball or frisbee. But if you’re a busy person, you can always get an automatic ball launcher like iFetch.

Flirt Toys

What Type of Dog: dogs who are energetic and playful

If you haven’t heard what a flirt toy is, that’s because you’re a dog owner, and this category is often associated with cat toys, specifically catnips. There are no flirt toy for dogs available here in the Philippines as of yet, but it’s totally DIYable (We’ll try our best to give a tutorial someday) It’s basically a tougher and bigger catnip.

Food-Dispensing Toys

What Type of Dog: for the gluttonous dogs who are food motivated
If you’re a veteran pet owner, or have happen to frequent pet stores you’ve probably seen one of these, the most common in the philippine market are these beehive-shapped rubber toy with a huge hole in the center. These are toys that requires some activity from your dog for food to be dispensed, Kong probably has the most durable food dispensing toy available in the Philippines, although it can be pretty hefty, around P550-2000 depending on the size. Outward Hound also has one (P480-600)

Smart Toys

What Type of Dog: for dogs who need mental stimulation and physical activity

These are toy perfect for the intelligent dogs and those who shows signs of stress, and boredom. What it does is it stimulates your dog’s mentality. Typical smart toys are often food dispensing toys as well like that of Outward Hound and Kyjen, but there are those like Zippy Paws Burrows that are not.

Here’s a thinker, how do you expect anyone or any animal to take very good care of something when their means of grabbing is with their teeth? Dog Toys will be destroyed one way or the other, and it’s ok, it’s normal.. So don’t get mad at your dog if their toy gets destroyed, just be glad it’s their toy not your shoe.

Where Available:

Pet Express, Dogs and the City, and FurryTails  - Kong

S&R - Outward Hound and Zippy Paws

Hobbes and Landes - Outward Hound/Zippy Paws

*iFetch is only available online but there are various other obscure alternatives you can find on lazada that does practically the same thing

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