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Dog Clothes 101: The Why, The How, and The Truth

Dog wearing clothes is a controversial subject matter. But is it bad or good? our research has shown that there are no right or wrong answer, like anything in life, it has its pros and cons. We’ll discuss both sides later, let’s first discuss why people dress their dogs.


There are various reasons why humans put clothing on dogs, it ranges from protection and comfort to vanity and aesthetics, etc etc. But the most common reason that no one likes to admit (but us) is that it’s a psychological thing. We often treat our dogs like our babies, they are dependent, they are affectionate, and they are cute, everything we could ever want from a human baby, thus we pamper them, spoil them a little and what else do we do with babies? that’s right, dress them em up. We somehow project this longing or excess maternal/paternal instincts towards our dogs which is messed up to those who do not understand but it is actually helpful to those who does.

The Pros

One of the most obvious pros are in cases of cold weather, most dog breeds with shorter fur and are not a fan of cold weather like our resident fashionista, KhaleesiTheDiva, clothing can serve as their extra protection from the cold. A  close second second is to relieve anxiety, studies have shown that dog clothes tend to emulate a comforting hug, that's why we have anxiety vests. Lastly, added protection and let’s face it, it’s cute.

The Cons

One reason is that they will chafe your pet. Dogs itch a lot, where a human can scratch an itch under their clothes or adjust them, a dog can't. Second, dogs get confused, obviously it’s not in their nature to be clothe, so putting your dog in a clothing can mess up with their psyche, and lastly, it can restrict your dog’s movement


Obviously, we are team dog clothing as Khaleesi’s brand was born out of it. HOWEVER, we still give credence to the points given by those who call out dog clothing. The determining factor for us relies on whether or not it harms them. At the end of the day, all that matters is what’s best for your dog, and that’s why we listed the following observances and precautions one must make when deciding to clothe their dogs.

There are dogs that are fine with it, and there are dogs which are not. The most simplest way to see if your dog is into it, is whether or not their behavior changes. You’d know an uncomfortable dog when you see one, and if your dog is one of those, JUST DONT DO IT. 

This is what a happy dog in clothes should look like

However, there are some who just needs to get used to it, with a little positive reinforcement, but if after weeks of training and your dog just doesn’t like it, don’t force it.

One of the most important rule of clothing your dog, YOU HAVE TO GET THE RIGHT SIZE, smaller sizes tend to make your dog uncomfortable, while larger sizes can restrict their movement and are downright just useless. If you don’t know yet how to check for your dog’s measurements, here’s a chart:

It's still best to consult the manufacturer's size charts as sizes often varies per manufacturer

It is noteworthy that some dog breeds like pugs, frenchies, dachshunds, and boxers have a different body built and therefore cannot adorn some of the standard dog clothes available.
Our personal rule of thumb when determining the perfect fit, is if I can fit one finger (for small dogs) or a whole hand (for bigger dogs) inside their clothes while it’s being worn. If it does, then the size is just right.

I’ve seen a lot of these, mostly are costumes, even we cannot fathom why humans would dress their dogs in this manner for long periods of time, they even walk the streets, malls, or parks with such clothing. Listen, if it restricts their movement, DONT DO IT. You’re just welcoming a number of awful situations. 

Restriction in movement is not only a size matter, but also construction and weight. If the clothing is not made specifically for a dog's physical built it can lead to a lot of restrictions. Moreover making your dog wear heavy clothes can make it harder for them to walk around.

Their clothing material must depend on the the function intended, Don’t make them wear knit sweaters during warm climates as they may overheat, and making them wear thin fabrics during cold climates isn’t helping the cause. 

Light fabrics for outdoor picnics

Also in lieu with materials, overly heavy fabrics are never a good idea. Whenever we make some of their clothes for a photoshoot we ensure that we use the lightest materials possible.

Do not make them wear any clothing unless it is necessary. Dog boots are worn only when they have injuries that needs protection or when the sand on the beach or the gravel on city streets are way too hot. Raincoats are worn only when it’s raining, obvi, because the common raincoat material can make your dog overheat as it stores heat inside.

We understand that we might be giving the impression that the Kardogshians are wearing clothes all the time, but the truth is they are only wearing clothes during photoshoots, special events, at night when they sleep (the chihuahuas can’t handle the air conditioning) and travels. If you don’t believe us check our Instagram featured stories under “Lifestyle” and while you’re at it press that follow button (not so subtle plug hahaha) 

ANYWAY, We do not advice that you leave your dogs unsupervised wearing clothes specially those which they cannot remove themselves as accidents can happen

If you are one of those who still don’t believe it’s not ok despite all the necessary precautions, and would like to accessorize your dog still, the most practical accessory would be a nice collar or a bandana. Just don’t make them wear it too tight, our rule of thumb in clothing sizing applies, for small dogs, one finger should fit just right through the collar or bandana being worn, for big dogs two fingers should fit.

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