Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Available for Adoption: The Story of June

Here’s June 3 months ago...

Found by Ms. Hazel Lim (@judgejudylim) on the streets of Manila, scared, hungry, malnourished, and abandoned. At first he was quite aloof and is apparent that he does not know how to interact with humans, but Ms. Lim was undeterred, she knew she had to help this poor dog one way or the other. So she took it upon herself to foster June and rehabilitate him the best that she could.

June was approximately 2 months old when she brought him to a Veterinary Clinic where he was found to be suffering severe malnourishment and anaemia, as well as mange and worms. Parts of his body seems weak specially his hind legs. He was therefore admitted at the Animal House Binondo for 3 weeks so that his health can be restored.

Here is June today….

During his stay there the vet gave him antibiotics, got dewormed, had booster shots, cured of his mange and was nourished back to health. June is now a healthy puppy.

June adjusted well with Ms. Lim and her dogs, Judge, Judy, Justice, and Jury. In fact she loves to play with them a lot. Ms. Lim describes June as a dog who is very sweet and always hungry.

While his health is back to normal and he is now a happy dog, Ms. Lim admits that, like any other abandoned dogs, he still has a long way to go as far as social rehabilitation in concerned. He needs a family who is patient, caring, and loving.  She hopes that whoever adopts June, "is a dog lover who can dedicate time for him as he surely needs a lot of training and attention, and someone who will feed him healthy food not just commercial dog food or table scraps” She further added “I hope they will allow me to see him and maybe post him on social media” 

June is a young dog with huge potential, he’s sweet to his foster family, he loves to play, and let’s face it, he’s adorable. If you’re looking to adopt JUNE and believe they have all the qualities Ms. Lim is looking for, kindly email us at thekardogshians@gmail.com so we can schedule an appointment with her OR you can just contact them directly via their IG Account (@judgejudylim). Also, @caninechowph is sponsoring a month’s worth of food for him for when he gets adopted.

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