Wednesday, September 12, 2018

What to Expect When Your Dog is Expecting: Part 3 - Stages of Pregnancy and the Gestation Cycle

Now that you know what your responsibilities are and how to take care of your dog, let’s dive deeper into the process, specifically with the stages of pregnancy and the Gestation Cycle

Stages of Pregnancy

Before Mating

There has been quite the argument with regards to the proper age at which a dog is prepared to be pregnant, some argue that the right age for pregnancy is within 2 years of age while others claim as early as 6 months. We at the Kardogshians are siding with the former. WHY? In essence, just because your dog has experiences heat, it does not automatically mean that they are both physically and mentally prepared.

Based on our personal experience, Khaleesi and Kylie had their babies during their second heating (1 years old) both had a lot of complications both before and after labor. Harley, and Khaleesi (for the second time) had their babies after 2 years old, and faced no complications at all.

Studies show that your dog will have reach their adult physicality and mentality during the age of 2. It is best to wait atleast 2 years of age before having your dog mated to decrease their chances of having complications. However we are also taking credence to the fact that some dogs can face more complications during their 3rd year, that is why it is in our best interest to advice, with expert approval, that the best age to get pregnant is WITHIN the age of 2.


Female dogs can mate when they are in heat, Indicators that your dog is in heat are as follows
  • Swollen vulva
  • Vaginal Discharge (blood)
  • Urinates often

Gestation Cycle/Pregnancy

If you haven’t encountered the word yet, Gestation is the period of development during the carrying of an embryo or fetus inside viviparous animals. Dogs are viviparous animals. 

An average pregnancy lasts from 58 to 70 days depending on the breed. The Gestation Cycle is as follows:

Now that you understand the stages of pregnancy and Gestation cycle, let’s move on to Part 4 to learn about LABOR  

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