Tuesday, August 28, 2018

What To Do When You Find A Distressed or Abandoned Animal?

We often chance upon dogs on the streets, abandoned, distressed, neglected,and  sometimes we even find some that are in dire need of medical assistance. One might think, what can we do? well we got you covered. 

We at The Kardogshians are not entirely new to this as we actually have had fostered both cats and dogs in the past and has successfully found them a permanent home. Thus we would like to offer our knowledge to everyone. 

Foster Care

Foster care is probably the simplest as it does not require you to undergo a process and it can help a lot of shelters from overpopulating or get scarce resources. To be simply put, you are to rescue the animal on your own. If you have the means and finances to this, then this is probably the option for you. 


Dogs who are abandoned, or abused are more likely to have experienced a lot of bodily and emotional harm which can lead to an aggressive behavior or a fearful one.

Dealing with a fearful dog is far easier than an aggressive one, when you are fostering a fearful dog the first thing you have to remember is to not force yourselves to them. Take things slow and gently warm up to them, make them feel that you are a friend and not a threat. Have them socialize with other pets and slowly integrate them to the society. Now an aggressive one is probably the most complicated part. It is best to ask your vet regarding this matter specially if you have no experiences dealing with hostile animals. 

Finding a Permanent Family and Medical Assistance

You should likewise know. That if you want them to find a suitable home, you may contact some shelters like MAS, CARA, or PAWS so they can add them to their listings of adoptable pets. Moreover, PAWS offers free veterinary services to those fostered animals

Why not Shelters?

Shelters would likely instruct you to foster them yourselves or find someone to foster them for you as they don’t necessarily have the finances to foster every single distressed animals. Some shelters even euthanise these stray dogs right away.

Why should you foster? 

It’s quite rewarding and a little bit satisfying to have helped an animal in need and to have them placed with a family in need, if you have the heart and the willingness to do this, why not do it?

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