Monday, August 6, 2018

Khaleesi the Diva Signature Perfume is Finally Out

Have your fur baby smell like a diva with Khaleesi The Diva’s Pet Perfume, the first and the only IG pawsonality signature pet perfume from the Philippines. This glamorous pet perfume has a sweet cupcake scent that everyone will love, not only does it smell good, it’s also contains health benefits, since it’s made with all organic products.

It contains therapeutic minerals which relaxes, rejuvenates, and moisturizes your doggo’s skin and fur. The scent scientifically calms your doggo. 

It does not contain any synthetic chemicals common to most mass produced pet perfumes

The usage of which is quite straightforward. After bath time, just shake the bottle, spray on your dog’s back, and massage it to their fur. The scent lasts for an entire day

We always get those store bought pet colones, but none of the generic scents work for us and the scent subsides within minutes. Also, upon further research we figured out that these mass produced pet colones contains ethanol, artificial scents, and some have xylitol, all of which are harmful to dogs. So out of concern for our dogs, and a wanting for a specific scent that’s not generic (lavender, ocean breeze, eucalyptus, etc.) we decided to make one.

First we took an aromacology class to help us understand scent mixing first, then we consulted an expert as to the harms and benefits of our first formula. The ingredients which she deemed harmful was scrapped and the ones with benefits remained. After one year in production and research, we finally perfected our concoction, debuting our first pet perfume for the consumption of others, from the formula, to the packaging, everything is well thought out.

If it all goes well and we have finally regained our capital back, we plan on donating part of the proceeds to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), where Khaleesi was from.

Also, we are now in production of a second and third scent, the third scent being a holiday themed scent, which will be released before Christmas, if the debut pet perfume proves to be popular with pet lovers

Lastly, we are currently in research of a more masculine scent that are not too strong as to harm our pets, to cater to male dogs, as the scents currently in line to be produced are a bit feminine.

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