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Is Your Doggo Scared of Thunderstorms? Here Are 5 All Natural Home Remedies

Some dogs can be pretty fearful when thunderstorms occur. To deal with it, we must first tackle the reasons why dogs fear storms. Firstly many dogs are afraid of thunder simply because they do not understand what it is. Dogs hear this loud noise and perceive it as something threatening. Secondly, there’s also this static electricity that is rolling across their coat making them uncomfortable.

Here are our doable all natural home remedies…

You might have seen something like it during the new years but this DIY works just as well in relieving any anxieties. The idea of an anxiety wrap is that it simulates or acts as a tight hug, relaxing and calming a dog during a storm. It’s easy to do, you’ve probably seen the photo, now let us discuss how to make an effective one. A lot of people have commented that this doesn’t do anything to their dog, but the failure lies in the use of fabric not the concept itself. 

Guide Illustration by Lili

For this to work. You need a stretchy relatively thick fabric. Large bandage rolls, old leggings, or knitted scarfs work best. In theory the reason why it needs to be stretchy is for it to cary on its purpose (to simulate a tight hug) and to keep your dog comfortable. Make sure it’s snug enough to simulate a hug but not too tight as to make your dog more uncomfortable

We reckon that the best distraction from anxiety is in the form of a chew toy (not dog treats, we’ll explain further in a while) or loud calm music. Our very own Raven gets really anxious during thunderstorms we often leave a chew toy with her or play with her ourselves. sometimes we even play calming music to calm her down.

Playing background noise from TV and radio works just as well.

It is important that you create a safe hiding spot for your dog specially when your away from home. Some dogs try to go under tables, in bathtubs, or in any other places that make them feel secure. It is ok to allow them to do this but it’s better to provide one for them. 

Making a safe spot is like building a fort out of boxes or cushions. we find that a tight and dark place works best. If you have a dog bed, just surround it with large pillows or lots of blankets to which your dog can cozy under. For better results leave an old shirt that has your smell in it to give your dog that safe vibe.

Photo by Vecteezy 

Essential oils have many many magical properties that helps a lot. Scents such as Lavander, Cinamon, Chamomile, and Sweet Orange helps in calming your doggo’s nerves. it soothes them and gives them a sense of safety.

The last tip is probably the simplest one, your presence, and we mean this literally. Your main job as a responsible pet owner  during thunderstorms is to make them feel safe and secure. Allow them to follow you around the house, let them sit next to you in the sofa or allow them to sleep next to you in bed. These are only some of the measures which you can do.

However, be sure that you are not reinforcing the fear, to put things simply, do not encourage the fear. How you ask? you may unknowingly encouraging their fears by rewarding them with belly rubs, pet treats, or baby talk whenever they whimper from the storm. The main idea here is PRESENCE, just act normal when there are thunderstorms, do as you do on regular days. Encouraging their fear will prolong the same.

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