Monday, August 13, 2018

6 Tips on Keeping Your Doggo Safe During the Rainy Season (and Flooding!)

We often mindlessly let our dogs do their own thing come rain season. Here in the Philippines, the monsoon season starts at July and ends on August. With our history of flooding, and the recently occurring floods in various cities and provinces, It’s good to know what to do, to ensure your doggo’s safety.

Here are 7 tips to ensure their safety. It is note worthy that this list focuses more on the worst case scenarios, so that everyone can stay safe in whatever degree of danger.

This one is two-fold. You must do it not only to comfort your pet, but also to ensure their safety. First, Pets like any living creature, feel the blues on rainy days, they can get anxious and scared especially when there are thunderstorms. Staying close to them will give them the comfort and assurance they need

Second, as mentioned earlier, flooding happens often here in the Philippines, specially when the mid year monsoons come. I remember a friend of ours, who was sadly victimized by the Ondoy flood back in 2009, who had his doggo near him, and they fortunately evaded the flood together. Contrary, I’ve heard of stories where some doggos got washed away by the flood during these unfortunate events. So just keep your doggo close, so you can be sure that your doggo is safe

For those who have their doggos outside of their houses, may it be on the garage or a backyard. It is important that you provide them with a secure shelter. While many dogs love to play in the rain, it does not mean that it is entirely safe for them. Why you ask? Well, while walking in the rain, your dog may step into puddles that contain rain water. This water may contain a variety of biological and chemical hazards that may be very harmful to your dog. These chemicals may not only make your dog sick but also kill it. Also there is what we call rainwater poisoning, which originates from Leptospira bacteria and giardia usually found in the common rain puddles. If your dog is very playful, then it might end up being a victim.

Better yet just keep them inside the house.

Capture this, you’re at work, when flooding starts, and your doggo’s left alone at home. If you’re a busy bee, try your best to make sure that your doggo has access to higher grounds to maximize their chances at survival should the worst case scenario come to fruition. This can be as simple as allowing your dog access to the second floor or clearing the top of tall furnitures for you doggo to stay at.

As mentioned above, dog’s can get gloomy too during the rainy seasons. Keeping a warm and dry bedding will make it easier for them to cope with the lower temperature and higher humidity. 

Here’s a little life hack: Grab your doggo’s bed or blanket, microwave it for 2mins at maximum temperature. if you don’t have a microwave, a good ironing or blowdrying (using a hair dryer) does the trick.

Yes people there are tons of pet rain gear available at pet stores and online. There are the basics such as a raincoat, sweaters and booties, and the “extra” dog umbrella leash. We got our raincoat and booties from Daiso for only 88php and 176php respectively, while our sweaters were procured from various pet stores. While we don't have a dog umbrella leash, you can get yours online. Just remember that rain gear and any doggie gear for that matter has its functions, but some products are made just to make the dogs look cute and don’t protect them from the rain or cold. Make sure your gear does both protect and look cute.

Knowledge is the best weapon against any event. Make sure to check the weather reports for the day, and plan your day accordingly. Having the knowledge of what’s to come will give you the opportunity to be prepared for the worst case scenarios.

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