Thursday, August 23, 2018

9 Cute Pet Items You Can Get At Daiso Japan

We have always been a fan of Daiso Japan, not only because of its relatively cheap prices for quality products but also because of its unique selection. In fact, the entire legacy of the KhaleesiTheDiva as an IG fashion icon roots way back from Daiso clothes. Before her human learned to sew and purchase online, there was Daiso which provided everything we needed from the very start.

If you’re a veteran pet owner you probably already know this, but to those starting out, you’ll definitely find this article helpful. So here are the 9 pet products you can get at Daiso Japan

Daiso has a variety of basic pet clothes which are so cute, they have it all, from dresses, graphic shirts, to doggy apron, doggy sweaters, and jerseys. Khaleesi’s first dress was from Daiso

They even have ocassionaly sell holiday specific costumes and clothes specially on Halloween and Christmas

They even have a pet  rain coats

These are cute yet functional stuff you can get from there. From scarves, hats, boots, collars, harness, leashes, undies, socksbelly bands, and diapers

We are so inlove with these hats, We've got a shark one, a beanie, and a cowboy hat. Once in a while they introduce new hats that are to die for.

Pet Belly Band. This one was on Konnor's size but he didn't feel like posing for the camera

We are loving this pet blankets, The Kardogshians uses these every single day, from when they started living in our then tiny condo, for every travel, vet emergencies, and even giving birth, these pet blankets are always with them.

Our first pet bed and bag also came from Daiso, They have a wide section of prints and colors for every single preference. When we unfortunately lost our MNT Pet Couture Bag, we replaced it with a Daiso Pet Bag once again

There are a bunch of pet grooming tools at Daiso, with various selections, from color, brand, size and quality. Most common are Bath brushes, pet comb, pet brush, nail clippers, nail file, fur clippers and even flea combs for those pesky ticks.

We always get our tools there, however due to its current quality (chewed) we can no loger take a good photo of them.

Pet bowl of different materials are available, in all sizes and different colors. Although we fell inlove with this pastel pink ceramic small bowl at the dining section of the store, so we got that instead as the Kardogshian's pet bowl.

They also have those retractable travel pet bowls.

Although we are not a fan of buying mass produced pet treats as we prefer cooking/baking our own, we are not entirely above it. The Kardogshians love the dog treats at Daiso. Their favorite? this one with various animal shapes (we couldn’t translate the packaging so we don’t know what it’s called, and the wrapper got torn out of the Kardogshians’ excitement. 

They have a lot for cats too

The Kardogshians love Daiso’s Pet Toys, they have squeaky stuffed toys, frisbees, rubber chew toy, acrylic chew toys and for cats, catnips

This is basically a catch em all category, because we are quite sure that we are forgetting some things they offer. So we’re just going to enumerate the things we got and/or are still getting from there, these are; poop bag, poop bag dispenser, pee mat, and travel pet bottle

We even avail their inexpensive tissue papers for home accidents clean up.

Check out their branches: Near You

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XOXO The Kardogshians


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