Thursday, August 30, 2018

Doggy Hygiene is often the most overlooked aspect of owning a dog. There are many aspects to it so we decided to tackle each issue FAQ’s style. We are disclaiming that these are based on our personal experience and consultation with our resident vet. 

Q: How often do you bathe the dogs?

A: It depends, normally all of them is bathe at least once a week, however in situations where we are traveling, or we strolled at a park, usually we bathe them afterwards to remove all the dirt and other substances out of them. The Kardogshians are indoor dogs so their cleanliness is important to us.

Q: What shampoo do you use?

A: We use Whal’s Coconut Lime Oatmeal Shampoo, It’s a US brand which is available in some pet stores, we get ours at S&R almost exclusively. We love that brand firstly because of the aroma that lasts for days, but mostly because of it’s antibacterial and all natural herbal properties that can help protect and rejuvenate their skin and fur.

Q: Is there a proper way of bathing the dogs?

A: Vets have different opinions on the proper way of bathing a dog, we on the other hand stick to one way only. First we rinse the entire body removing all the grime, apply soap using a bath glove or brush, leave it for about 2 mins, rinse it off, and repeat, the important part is not to get soap on their eyes as it can irritate them for a long time. 

Q: How to remove intense odors?

A: There are dogs who need more attention in the odor department, these are usually dogs who are active or loves to explore the outdoors. In some cases when our dogs are awfully smelly, what we do is, we mix water and apple cider vinegar together 1/2 cup = 1 liter of water, rinse them using said solution, leave it for 3 minutes, then rinse with uncontaminated water, lather with soap, then rinse again

The science behind it is that apple cider vinegar has a neutralizing effect on body odor, even on humans. The Apple Cider Vinegar process also helps eliminate fleas and other pests. Just be careful! DON'T APPLY IT DIRECTLY TO THEIR SKIN

Q: How do you clean the ears?

A: There are a lot of ear cleaning solutions available at pet stores everywhere, we mainly use Play Pets’ Ear Doctor. Just put a droplet in and massage the ears, do this at least once a month, at most once every two weeks. Also during bath time we often clean their ears using damped cotton buds. 

If you’re wondering what it’s for or is foreign to the idea of ear cleaning, the purpose of which is to remove bacteria and to avoid yeast infections in the ears.

Q: How to remove tear marks?

A: It is one of the toughest jobs to do, you have to be very careful and precise. During bath time we use a soft toothbrush with soap to gently brush it off, if you do this every bath time, their tear marks will disappear in no time. Be extra careful not to get soap on their eyes, if you’re having a hard time with a toothbrush just use your fingers, it works too. 

Q: How do you keep their fur soft and silky?

A: We sometimes do a doggy hot-oil treatment. It’s all in the after bath “rituals” for our furry dogs like Harley Quinn, and Bart, every after bath, we use a hair dryer and a comb. Just like how you would normally blow dry your hair. Afterwards, massage the fur with a small amount of coconut oil, and blow dry once again.

Q: How often should you brush their fur?

A: It depends, Harley Quinn has thick fur but a curly one at that, while Bart has a double kinky long coats. Among the two, Bart gets matted easily, so Bart is brushed every other day with a metal comb, while Harley Quinn is brushed using a wire brush every 3 days. 

Q: How do you cut their nails?

A: This one’s a skill that took us a very long time to master, because it’s really hard, thanks to our instagram friend @KiratheYorkie who shared to us her secret on how to cut nails. The secret is basically patience, you have to cut one milimeter at a time so you wont overdo it and hurt your furbaby.

Q: What kind of nail polish do you use for Khaleesi?

A: There are a lot of people bashing us on social media whenever they see Khaleesi’s nail polished. AND TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT, we use dog friendly nail polish, WE WOULD NEVER put our dog’s health on the line just to make them pretty, that’s insane for people to even assume. We use Color Paw or Pet Head

Q: What do you do when they shed?

A: Nothing, it’s a normal occurrence. It’s a dog’s way of adapting to the climate.

Q: Why does my dog have stinky breath? and how to avoid a stinky breath

A: According to vet and experts, a dog’s breath is the direct result of their diet and lack of dental maintenance. Dogs who eat fatty foods tend to have bad breath. SO to avoid such, keep watch on your dog’s diet and nutrition because your dog’s breath could be an indication of your dog’s health and dental hygiene.

Q: Do you brush their teeth?

A: Yes, atleast four times a week (but daily is ideal). We use SENTRY Perodex Enzymatic Toothpaste, which is available in some pet stores and vet clinics. It often comes in a set, with one toothpaste, one two-headed toothbrush, and a finger brush.

Q: How to Brush their teeth

A: Here’s how.

1. First you’d need to wet your brush just a little bit. Now apply a small amount of toothpaste 

2. Gently open your dog’s mouth and begin brushing.

Now at first try your dog will resist brushing their teeth but you’re going to need consistent practice and training in order to get it right. DON'T GIVE UP RIGHT AWAY. 

If you find yourself having a hard time with the brush stick, just use a finger brush which in our opinion is easier to use for first timers. You can just put a small amount in there and have your dog chew it all off by themselves

Q: Do you use denta stix?

A: Yes, look, we’re not going to play high and mighty here, we are busy people too living our busy lives with seven dogs, there are times when we simply just don't have the time to brush their teeth so we give them Pedegre’s Denta Stix instead, which are available in all pet stores and chain groceries


For this part instead of a Q&A we will be doing situation-remedy type of format since we’ve tackled almost all of the issues regarding doggy hygiene up to this point.


A day at the beach can be an enjoyable leisure activity for both you and your dog, but the aftermath is often taken lightly than should be. YOU MUST bathe your dog afterwards! the sea salt can cause irritation and inflammation to your dog’s skin. Even if your dog didn’t go swimming in the ocean, the sand alone contains salt, so it is well advised you bathe your dog afterwards


Dogs will be dogs, that’s what we always say, and dogs can be a messy bessy sometimes. We had quite the story when Bart rolled at a puddle in our apartment's roof top one time, and we didn’t notice until the mud was dry. It was a daunting task to clean it all off him, specially with the mud getting dried up all over his fur. But the solution was quite simple, you just have to rinse, apply soap, and leave it for a good 5mins, this will soften the mud, then rinse and repeat till your dog’s fur is good as new.


This problem is the worst. Once you’ve thought you got rid of the problem, a new flea comes in to say hello. What we do is, we use the apple cider vinegar bath (Instructions at the bathing section) it works magic and the dead fleas just come dying off your doggo. Another solution, is to use Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Drops which is more expensive than the apple cider vinegar bath but works just as well. It is also advised that you spray your house with the apple cider vinegar solution to permanently eliminate those pesky fleas.


This problem is common to long fur doggos, you know when little pieces of poop get stuck on your dog’s fur. Whether it’s a post diaper problem, or a simple poop accident what we do is we have our more fury doggos butt shaven so that the poop wont stick to their fur.


There's not much you can do as far as matting is concerned as there are mattings that are absolutely impossible to untangle. however for those which stands a chance, apply a small amount of coconut oil and use a wire brush to untangle the matting

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

We often chance upon dogs on the streets, abandoned, distressed, neglected,and  sometimes we even find some that are in dire need of medical assistance. One might think, what can we do? well we got you covered. 

We at The Kardogshians are not entirely new to this as we actually have had fostered both cats and dogs in the past and has successfully found them a permanent home. Thus we would like to offer our knowledge to everyone. 

Foster Care

Foster care is probably the simplest as it does not require you to undergo a process and it can help a lot of shelters from overpopulating or get scarce resources. To be simply put, you are to rescue the animal on your own. If you have the means and finances to this, then this is probably the option for you. 


Dogs who are abandoned, or abused are more likely to have experienced a lot of bodily and emotional harm which can lead to an aggressive behavior or a fearful one.

Dealing with a fearful dog is far easier than an aggressive one, when you are fostering a fearful dog the first thing you have to remember is to not force yourselves to them. Take things slow and gently warm up to them, make them feel that you are a friend and not a threat. Have them socialize with other pets and slowly integrate them to the society. Now an aggressive one is probably the most complicated part. It is best to ask your vet regarding this matter specially if you have no experiences dealing with hostile animals. 

Finding a Permanent Family and Medical Assistance

You should likewise know. That if you want them to find a suitable home, you may contact some shelters like MAS, CARA, or PAWS so they can add them to their listings of adoptable pets. Moreover, PAWS offers free veterinary services to those fostered animals

Why not Shelters?

Shelters would likely instruct you to foster them yourselves or find someone to foster them for you as they don’t necessarily have the finances to foster every single distressed animals. Some shelters even euthanise these stray dogs right away.

Why should you foster? 

It’s quite rewarding and a little bit satisfying to have helped an animal in need and to have them placed with a family in need, if you have the heart and the willingness to do this, why not do it?

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

We have always been a fan of Daiso Japan, not only because of its relatively cheap prices for quality products but also because of its unique selection. In fact, the entire legacy of the KhaleesiTheDiva as an IG fashion icon roots way back from Daiso clothes. Before her human learned to sew and purchase online, there was Daiso which provided everything we needed from the very start.

If you’re a veteran pet owner you probably already know this, but to those starting out, you’ll definitely find this article helpful. So here are the 9 pet products you can get at Daiso Japan

Daiso has a variety of basic pet clothes which are so cute, they have it all, from dresses, graphic shirts, to doggy apron, doggy sweaters, and jerseys. Khaleesi’s first dress was from Daiso

They even have ocassionaly sell holiday specific costumes and clothes specially on Halloween and Christmas

They even have a pet  rain coats

These are cute yet functional stuff you can get from there. From scarves, hats, boots, collars, harness, leashes, undies, socksbelly bands, and diapers

We are so inlove with these hats, We've got a shark one, a beanie, and a cowboy hat. Once in a while they introduce new hats that are to die for.

Pet Belly Band. This one was on Konnor's size but he didn't feel like posing for the camera

We are loving this pet blankets, The Kardogshians uses these every single day, from when they started living in our then tiny condo, for every travel, vet emergencies, and even giving birth, these pet blankets are always with them.

Our first pet bed and bag also came from Daiso, They have a wide section of prints and colors for every single preference. When we unfortunately lost our MNT Pet Couture Bag, we replaced it with a Daiso Pet Bag once again

There are a bunch of pet grooming tools at Daiso, with various selections, from color, brand, size and quality. Most common are Bath brushes, pet comb, pet brush, nail clippers, nail file, fur clippers and even flea combs for those pesky ticks.

We always get our tools there, however due to its current quality (chewed) we can no loger take a good photo of them.

Pet bowl of different materials are available, in all sizes and different colors. Although we fell inlove with this pastel pink ceramic small bowl at the dining section of the store, so we got that instead as the Kardogshian's pet bowl.

They also have those retractable travel pet bowls.

Although we are not a fan of buying mass produced pet treats as we prefer cooking/baking our own, we are not entirely above it. The Kardogshians love the dog treats at Daiso. Their favorite? this one with various animal shapes (we couldn’t translate the packaging so we don’t know what it’s called, and the wrapper got torn out of the Kardogshians’ excitement. 

They have a lot for cats too

The Kardogshians love Daiso’s Pet Toys, they have squeaky stuffed toys, frisbees, rubber chew toy, acrylic chew toys and for cats, catnips

This is basically a catch em all category, because we are quite sure that we are forgetting some things they offer. So we’re just going to enumerate the things we got and/or are still getting from there, these are; poop bag, poop bag dispenser, pee mat, and travel pet bottle

We even avail their inexpensive tissue papers for home accidents clean up.

Check out their branches: Near You

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Some dogs can be pretty fearful when thunderstorms occur. To deal with it, we must first tackle the reasons why dogs fear storms. Firstly many dogs are afraid of thunder simply because they do not understand what it is. Dogs hear this loud noise and perceive it as something threatening. Secondly, there’s also this static electricity that is rolling across their coat making them uncomfortable.

Here are our doable all natural home remedies…

You might have seen something like it during the new years but this DIY works just as well in relieving any anxieties. The idea of an anxiety wrap is that it simulates or acts as a tight hug, relaxing and calming a dog during a storm. It’s easy to do, you’ve probably seen the photo, now let us discuss how to make an effective one. A lot of people have commented that this doesn’t do anything to their dog, but the failure lies in the use of fabric not the concept itself. 

Guide Illustration by Lili

For this to work. You need a stretchy relatively thick fabric. Large bandage rolls, old leggings, or knitted scarfs work best. In theory the reason why it needs to be stretchy is for it to cary on its purpose (to simulate a tight hug) and to keep your dog comfortable. Make sure it’s snug enough to simulate a hug but not too tight as to make your dog more uncomfortable

We reckon that the best distraction from anxiety is in the form of a chew toy (not dog treats, we’ll explain further in a while) or loud calm music. Our very own Raven gets really anxious during thunderstorms we often leave a chew toy with her or play with her ourselves. sometimes we even play calming music to calm her down.

Playing background noise from TV and radio works just as well.

It is important that you create a safe hiding spot for your dog specially when your away from home. Some dogs try to go under tables, in bathtubs, or in any other places that make them feel secure. It is ok to allow them to do this but it’s better to provide one for them. 

Making a safe spot is like building a fort out of boxes or cushions. we find that a tight and dark place works best. If you have a dog bed, just surround it with large pillows or lots of blankets to which your dog can cozy under. For better results leave an old shirt that has your smell in it to give your dog that safe vibe.

Photo by Vecteezy 

Essential oils have many many magical properties that helps a lot. Scents such as Lavander, Cinamon, Chamomile, and Sweet Orange helps in calming your doggo’s nerves. it soothes them and gives them a sense of safety.

The last tip is probably the simplest one, your presence, and we mean this literally. Your main job as a responsible pet owner  during thunderstorms is to make them feel safe and secure. Allow them to follow you around the house, let them sit next to you in the sofa or allow them to sleep next to you in bed. These are only some of the measures which you can do.

However, be sure that you are not reinforcing the fear, to put things simply, do not encourage the fear. How you ask? you may unknowingly encouraging their fears by rewarding them with belly rubs, pet treats, or baby talk whenever they whimper from the storm. The main idea here is PRESENCE, just act normal when there are thunderstorms, do as you do on regular days. Encouraging their fear will prolong the same.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

We often mindlessly let our dogs do their own thing come rain season. Here in the Philippines, the monsoon season starts at July and ends on August. With our history of flooding, and the recently occurring floods in various cities and provinces, It’s good to know what to do, to ensure your doggo’s safety.

Here are 7 tips to ensure their safety. It is note worthy that this list focuses more on the worst case scenarios, so that everyone can stay safe in whatever degree of danger.

This one is two-fold. You must do it not only to comfort your pet, but also to ensure their safety. First, Pets like any living creature, feel the blues on rainy days, they can get anxious and scared especially when there are thunderstorms. Staying close to them will give them the comfort and assurance they need

Second, as mentioned earlier, flooding happens often here in the Philippines, specially when the mid year monsoons come. I remember a friend of ours, who was sadly victimized by the Ondoy flood back in 2009, who had his doggo near him, and they fortunately evaded the flood together. Contrary, I’ve heard of stories where some doggos got washed away by the flood during these unfortunate events. So just keep your doggo close, so you can be sure that your doggo is safe

For those who have their doggos outside of their houses, may it be on the garage or a backyard. It is important that you provide them with a secure shelter. While many dogs love to play in the rain, it does not mean that it is entirely safe for them. Why you ask? Well, while walking in the rain, your dog may step into puddles that contain rain water. This water may contain a variety of biological and chemical hazards that may be very harmful to your dog. These chemicals may not only make your dog sick but also kill it. Also there is what we call rainwater poisoning, which originates from Leptospira bacteria and giardia usually found in the common rain puddles. If your dog is very playful, then it might end up being a victim.

Better yet just keep them inside the house.

Capture this, you’re at work, when flooding starts, and your doggo’s left alone at home. If you’re a busy bee, try your best to make sure that your doggo has access to higher grounds to maximize their chances at survival should the worst case scenario come to fruition. This can be as simple as allowing your dog access to the second floor or clearing the top of tall furnitures for you doggo to stay at.

As mentioned above, dog’s can get gloomy too during the rainy seasons. Keeping a warm and dry bedding will make it easier for them to cope with the lower temperature and higher humidity. 

Here’s a little life hack: Grab your doggo’s bed or blanket, microwave it for 2mins at maximum temperature. if you don’t have a microwave, a good ironing or blowdrying (using a hair dryer) does the trick.

Yes people there are tons of pet rain gear available at pet stores and online. There are the basics such as a raincoat, sweaters and booties, and the “extra” dog umbrella leash. We got our raincoat and booties from Daiso for only 88php and 176php respectively, while our sweaters were procured from various pet stores. While we don't have a dog umbrella leash, you can get yours online. Just remember that rain gear and any doggie gear for that matter has its functions, but some products are made just to make the dogs look cute and don’t protect them from the rain or cold. Make sure your gear does both protect and look cute.

Knowledge is the best weapon against any event. Make sure to check the weather reports for the day, and plan your day accordingly. Having the knowledge of what’s to come will give you the opportunity to be prepared for the worst case scenarios.

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