Thursday, June 21, 2018

Farewell Little Angel...

This cute furball entered our lives at the 28th of February of this year. Born out of the womb of Kylie, daughter of Khaleesi, he was given the name “Biko” after a well known Filipino cuisine.

He stands out, not only because out of the four puppies, he’s the only one to adopt largely a Pomeranian gene which exists in the genes of Kylie, but also because of his high amount of energy.

He was suppose to be adopted by another family but to no avail, so we decided to keep him. He made his way into the hearts of the entire family with his bubbly personality and his energetic playfulness. He eats constantly, and is often seen sleeping inside the huge dog bowl, lying down on a bed of kibbles. 

Roughly 2 weeks before his passing, he started showing a change in behavior, he became lethargic, shy, lost his appetite, so we brought him to the vet which did not see anything wrong through CBC and other tests. Just last weekend we went to our condo in Baguio to fix some stuff when we heard of the sad passing of Biko, with a phone call from our helper, we hurried home and had him autopsied but to inconclusive results.

This is such a horrible time for us, not many would understand and simply brush off this death because of how young he was, but we loved him just as much and we pray that he’s happy wherever he is.

We picture Biko lying down a huge pool of kibbles in heaven, playing with the other dogs who had since passed. We love you Biko, farewell our little angel.. 


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