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The Kardogshians always tag along with their humans whenever they go out. Here, we collected a list of the most, and probably best parks, and recreational areas that are pet friendly within the Metro. Please know that we will update the list as time goes by and as we explore the Metro further.

UP Diliman, QC

UP have always been liberal with what you can and can’t do within their premises, basically you just have to abide by the law, and the UP Handbook. There are no known rules against it, we’ve been there a couple of times before, and have come across some security guards who allowed us access. The reason why we love going here, besides the huge space to walk around, are the multitude of things we can do within the premises, anyone up for a food trip at Area 2?

La Mesa Eco Park, QC

Eco Park allows dogs ever since it opened, we love this place because of how serene and relaxing the place is (when it’s not crowded of course) You may rent a papag cabana where you can just lay down and sleep all day, there’s also a lot of space and greenery for our fur babies to walk around at.

QC Circle, QC

Like UP Diliman, QC Circle has a variety of activities you can do with your furbaby. This park is well known for its huge land area, street food, bazaars, and recreational activities. People often come here to jog, so why not bring your doggo as you do your cardio.

UP Technohub, QC

Out of all the North places I’ve mentioned, Technohub is probably the most limiting pet-friendly recreational establishment as pets are only allowed outside the restaurants and shops. But we still love to go there because of this gorgeous modern greenery view that are sadly scarce in the Metro

Eastwood, QC 

If you don't know that Eastwood is a pet friendly mall, then you're clearly living under a rock. It's one of the first malls (in our knowledge) to ever allow dogs inside. They even have Pet Pass IDs which grants your doggo access to certain boutiques and restaurants. They even hold the Annual Pet Blessing where you can have your dog blessed.

Blue Bay Walk, PSY

Blue Bay Walk is a huge recreational park in Pasay. Most dog owners from both sides of the Metro have organized pack walks in the area. There are plenty of restaurants that have al fresco dining which is good because not a lot of the pet friendly recreational parks have al fresco dining where you and your doggo can enjoy your meals.


Pet loving fitness junkies rejoice! this is the perfect place to jog with your doggo, as it’s one of the only places in Manila where you can jog around, take a relaxing breather and have a little picnic with your furbaby

Harbor Square, PSY

Harbor Square is the place to be if you’re a pet loving YUPpie as this place is full of Bars, Restaurants, and Cafes that are pet friendly. Not to mention, a spectacular view of Manila Bay. You can watch the sunset or sunrise at the Pacific Ocean here while you sip coffee or cocktail (whichever one’s your vibe) with your doggo resting beside you.

Fort Santiago, MNL

We personally haven't been to Fort Santiago with the Kardogshians, but it’s definitely on our bucket list of places to visit. If you love tradition and history, visit Fort Santiago with your doggo, and enjoy the rich history of Manila.

Capitol Commons

For those who are huge fans of Pasig like us because of it’s abundance of Pet-Friendly places, get a hold of Capitol Commons, which has a lot of pet-friendly restos and a wide yard where your doggo can play with other doggos

Tiendesitas, PSG

Tiendesitas is basically the go to shopping center of dog lovers in the Metro, there are tons of pet stores there where you can buy just about anything. Oh and did I mention you can also haggle with the vendors? yes, you can. Enjoy shopping with your doggos here. 

Ayala Triangle Gardens

Our usual meet up place, for when we meet up with our IG friends. There are a ton of dog owners strolling here on weekends, and the restaurants are fairly pet friendly as well. If you love getting to know other dog owners ATG is the perfect place for you, OH and did we mention they have an amazing light display during the Christmas season. 

Venice Grand Canal, TGG

Make your doggo feel like they’re transported to Europe by visiting this relatively new mall. It is owned by the same corporation that built Eastwood so you can definitely expect the same rules and regulations. PS, Small dogs can ride the gondola too ;)

Vasquez Park, MKT

You probably know this park because of their famous Salcedo Weekend Market. Vasquez Park has a huge green space perfect for a leisurely stroll. We love going here basically because of the weekend market. 

Who wouldn’t want to bring their doggos along as they go shopping? We usually do our shopping with our doggos and here are some of the things you must take note about mall chains.

Recently there’s a surge of pet-friendly malls all over the Philippines, with mall giants such as SM, and Ayala Malls making all their malls pet friendly, there are plenty of malls around the Metro where dogs are now allowed. However pets are still not allowed inside grocery stores, cinemas, and other boutiques. 

Boutiques such as H&M, Forever 21, and Uniqlo have varying limitations depending on the branch, there are branches which does not allow pets inside, there are branches which would ask you to carry your dog, and there are those which will only allow entrance if you have a dog bag or a pet stroller. 

Ayala Malls

All Ayala Malls, are pet friendly. Ayala Malls usually has a garden area where you can walk your doggos at. Some malls are more strict specially the more upscale ones, where indeed a stroller or dog bag is required. They usually carry pet supply stores such as Dogs and the City, Hobbes and Landes, and Fury Tails 

SM Malls

Just recently all SM Malls are now pet friendly, however there are some which requires your doggo to wear diapers while inside the premises. Some SM Malls like Mall of Asia, and SM North even have a poop bag dispenser around their premises. They usually carry pet supply stores such as Pet Express, Dogs and The City and Fury Tails 

Robinsons Malls

We are not 100% sure if pets are allowed inside all Robinsons Malls, However there are a couple of Robinsons Malls that we are certain to be pet-friendly. All Townsville malls allow dogs, most if not all even hosts yearly pet contests. Robinsons Magnolia, Robinsons Place Manila and Robinsons Galleria allow pets inside. 

We did this list to help everyone who's having a hard time searching for pet-friendly places to go with their furbabies, all we ask in return is for these dog lovers to be responsible, pick up after your dog, make them wear diapers, pay close attention to them, and be a little bit more vigilant, so that more establishments will open its doors to us. Thank you for reading, Please make sure to follow us on Instagram and on Facebook for daily updates.

XOXO The Kardogshians

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