Thursday, March 15, 2018

Throwback: Bart 1st Vintage Rustic Birthday

As the first male Kardogshian back in 2015, his first birthday is not one to be missed uncelebrated by the humans. His birthday falls on the 25th of August a month that is very well may be the most busiest month in the Family. 

The main theme is All Blue Vintage Rustic, as it is so in at the time, and is a theme barely used for boy parties, so we took it as a challenge and tried to butch things up the best that we could. 

The dessert table is like the centerpiece for the party, we have an ice cream bar, some baked butterscotch bars, a Liver Cake for dogs, caramel popcorn, candies and jellos

We got most of our decor from Divisoria which is the best place to look for party decor not only because of its cheapness but also because of its wide variety and selection.

We even had a doggy table where the dogs can munch down on their liver cakes. these bowls was bought at SM Hypermarket which are 4 for 100php.

For the humans we just bought chicken and mojos, and pizza from Shakeys, cooked baked macaroni and blended this rocky road milkshakes

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