Sunday, February 18, 2018

We are METRO Dogs Now! BTS and More

We feel so blessed to have been selected and be featured by Metro.Style for their Chinese New Year, Year of the Dog article. 

Last February 9 we were scheduled for a Photoshoot with Producer Hershey Neri and Photographer Pat Buenaobra, but before the photoshoot we had a little problem in the wardrobe department. While most would think "Khaleesi, the Diva herself, wouldn't have a problem with that! She has like hundreds of clothes!" Apparently she did. 

The theme was well Chinese New Year, so we needed chinese traditional clothing for the dogs, which we do, the problem? It no longer fits! So in panic we contacted several shops but to no avail (they no longer have stocks, so we asked our favorite pet couturier PoochTotty, if she could make us one, and she agreed even though it was a rush and tall order. AND SHE DELIVERED, just look at the dress or shall I say gown Khaleesi is wearing! It's gorgeous! It's the classic Cinderella story.

Come photoshoot day, the Humans got quite anxious because the Kardogshians doesn't have that much of an experience working with other photographers who's not their human dad, with the exception of PAWTOGRAPHY's Yza Tolentino. So the humans planned out how the photoshoot can go without a hitch.

Anyway... Our IG Stories says it all....

We did the photoshoot where we always do, at the roofdeck of our home because of the perfect natural lighting and the lovely wind. In preparation, while the Pat and Hershey was setting up the DIY Studio, the Kardogshians wore their Chinese outfits, and lounged infront of an electric fan to keep them all comfortable.

With the use of two video led lights, Photographer Pat took photos and videos while the Kardogshians strut their stuff. 

Khaleesi, as per usual was a natural pro model doing every pose instructed by the photographer, however being the territorial chihuahua that she is, keeps on barking at the photographer every once in a while.

Harley Quinn on the other hand got a bit camera shy and would walk off stage asking her mommy for a hug, but as soon as she got the hang of it she was providing great shots one after the other.

The normally energetic and playful Bart surprised us the most, he stood still and kept a pose while the photographer takes his photo, Photographer Pat even called him a "Photographer's girl" which in the world of fashion photography means he's the favorite model.

The Twins, Kylie and Konnor, was a bit shy as well, they don't have that much experience as all the other Kardogshians have on photoshoots but they still look amazing nonetheless.


These are only some of the photos, you can check all of them out on Metro.Style

Khaleesi (the Diva)

Harley Quinn


The Twins - Konnor and Kylie 

Produced by Hershey Neri 
Video and photos by Pat Buenaobra
Fashion Stylists: Khloee Padilla and Jean Padilla
Models: Khaleesi, Harley, Bart, Konnor, and Kylie of The Kardogshians 
Special thanks to Pooch Totty for Khaleesi and Kylie's dresses

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XOXO The Kardogshians

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