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7 Famous Baguio Restaurants That Are Pet Friendly

A lot of pet owners love to bring their dogs with them to Baguio, the problem is, there are a lot of not so pet-friendly establishments and restaurants in Baguio which leaves these pet owners no choice but to leave their furbabies at home so they can enjoy the entirety of Baguio without restraints. We’ve done our research and so far there are no information online with regards to the pet-friendliness of Baguio’s finest restaurants

But worry not! the Kardogshians recently frequented Baguio, looked, and surveyed a lot of the famous restaurants there to see which are pet-friendly and which are pet-snubs. Here are 8 Famous Baguio Restaurants that are Pet Friendly (Not in particular order). Although there are tons of pet friendly restaurants in Baguio, not everyone made our list, but we will still indicate at the “other’s section" all pet friendly restaurants, regardless if we loved it or not, and it will be updated as we go along.

Amare is famous for their delicious brick oven pizzas and ribs to die for. Located inside Albergo Hotel at #1 Villamor Drive, Barangay Lualhati, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

Goat Cheese Pizza

What Khaleesi Ate: The bacon from the carbonara and some washed out Ribs
Notes: Dogs are allowed only on the hallway tables.

Price Range: 300-500/person

 Crispy Orange-Lemon Chicken

This stunning baguio hill side cafe boasts of delicious food, refreshing drinks, and a spectacular view of Baguio. It's also a gallery and library for everyone who appreciates culture and art. It's located at Ambuklao Rd, Baguio, Benguet

Khaleesi: Tempress pie! stay away from me, I'm on a diet 

What Khaleesi Ate: Lechon Kawali
Notes: Dogs are allowed only at the entrance terrace.

Price Range: 250-500 per person


Canto started out as a mini restaurant in Ketchup Community but has now grown bigger and now has it’s own establishment at Kisad Road, Burnham Legarda Road, Baguio City. It's semi alfresco with a garden at the back perfect for photo-ops, Their ribs are perfect, and one must not leave without trying their dessert nachos. 

Dessert Nachos

What Khaleesi Ate: washed down Ribs
Notes: Only small dogs are allowed inside, unfortunately big dogs are not as welcome.
Price Range: 200-400 per person 

This true to Baguio culture cafe sits inside Camp John Hay’s Igorot Village and serves authentic hot coco and our favorite filipino merienda meals. 

What Khaleesi Ate: Lugaw (Rice Porridge) without all the spices
Notes: All dogs are allowed inside

Price Range: 100-300 per person

This fancy Greek Taverna serves, well, greek food (duh!)  It's one of the most expensive restaurants on this list but it sure is worth it. The Humans love it a lot. Located at 26 Outlook Dr S, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

What Khaleesi Ate: Grilled Chicken, Beef, Lamb with Pita Bread
Notes: All dogs are allowed at the Al fresco Areas
Price Range: 500-1000 per person

Secret Garden is one of those restaurants laid back italian place located at 34 Paterno St., South Drive, Baguio, 2600 Benguet specializes in pizzas and pastas. Their selling point are their food, ambiance, and friendly staff, a perfect trifecta as one would call it.

What Khaleesi Ate: A slice of Quattro Formaggi all herbs removed
Notes: All dogs are allowed at the Al fresco areas

Price Range: 200-400 per person

These are some of the Restaurants in Baguio that are Pet Friendly but we were unfortunately in a rush to take photos of. We will continue updating this list as soon as we get more information
  • Hill Station (Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road)
  • Fog (Camp John Hay, Techno Hub) 
  • Starbucks (Camp John Hay, Techno Hub) 
  • Melt (Camp John Hay, Techno Hub) 
  • RoadHouse (Albergo Hotel, Villamor Drive)
  • Bistro By Hill Station (Camp John Hay, Techno Hub) 
  • Vincent's Place (Camp John Hay, Loakan Rd)

WE DID THIS LIST TO HELP EVERYONE, it was a tedious task, so please, all we ask in return is that pet owners be responsible when bringing your dog to these places, make sure your dog won't be a hassle to the staff, the management, and other diners. Sanitation is at the utmost importance to restaurants, don’t be lax, be responsible so that these restaurants will continue being pet friendly. Most restaurants became pet-snubs because of irresponsible pet owners. Remember always that how your dog behaves is a mirror of yourself as a pet owner.

Please take note...

  • Al fresco areas are abundant in Baguio but not all allows pets inside
  • Some restaurants allow only small dog breeds (Breed discrimination is alive in baguio)
  • Call the restaurants ahead before coming with your dog to save you the disappointment of a prohibited entrance
  • Do your research ahead of time, we usually contact these restaurants 3 days in advance to inquire.

When looking for a dish that you can give your doggy, here are some hacks that I do to eliminate the possibility of serving your pooch a harmful food...

  • Look for the simplest meal, usually these are steamed, or grilled, try to refrain from fried food.
  • If you are served with a fried dish, what we do is we let it sit on top of a tissue, wipe it down a bit so the tissue can absorb the cooking oil
  • Sauces are a no no, sometimes we even wash the meat with water to make sure that there are no sauce on the meat itself
  • Don't be affraid to ask the waiter what spices are in the dish so you can decide for yourself
  • Familiarize yourself with the types of food that are not so good for your dog

Note also, that this list was made on February 2018, by the time you’re reading this, some might already ban pets completely, so calling ahead is a must.

Thank you for reading, Please make sure to follow us on Instagram and on Facebook for daily updates.

XOXO The Kardogshians


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