Friday, January 5, 2018

A Tour at the Infamous Closet of Khaleesi the Diva and Where to Buy Pet Clothes

Welcome to a mini tour around our resident diva's closet! Not only are we going to show the huge closet but we are also going to tell you where we got most of if using a ranking system.

Khaleesi, as of date, has over 400 pieces of accessories (which includes clothes, collars, jewelries, shoes, socks, etc.) The current guinness book world recorder holder has over 1,000 pieces of accessories, which means we are about 40% to breaking the record.

Her massive collection has caught the eye of the media which featured her in one of our local TV show, Brigada, here in the Philippines. Let's get on with the tour to see what all the fuss is about.

Like any other collectors we started out with a small collection, from 10pcs which was bought from Daiso, and Hardware Stores, slowly grew as we're introduced to the world of IG online shopping.

Then our human learned how to sew, using sets of patterns downloaded online, About a year or so, right after Khaleesi's first birthday, Her closet turned to this.

Khaleesi had a short-lived pet jewelry line which explains the abundance of jewelry, It was short-lived because the price then was a bit to expensive for regular consumers. At this time, she also had a lot of handmade headdresses, tiaras, crowns, and sunglasses added to her collection

Her former walk in closet was in our maid's quarter (because we didn't have one then), but as soon as we hired a helper as the housework became a lot for us to handle, our human was forced to share his small walk in closet with Khaleesi. For the purposes of this tour we took out some of her clothes as it is very unsightly and quite tight in our human's walk-in closet

Take note that this picture does not do her collection justice as most of her holiday/event specific clothes (Christmas Clothes, Cold Weather Outerwear, Halloween Costumes, etc.) are in a box in our storage space and some of her accessories and jewelry were left in our condo unit. Also these are only Khaleesi's clothes, the whole Kardogshian Wardrobe is another story.

She has a lot of couture pieces, mostly pastels and faux furs, made by PoochTotty and our human. 

This is her long gown collection, she has one for each birthday, event and holiday. 

These are her everyday dresses, most of which are either, peach, pink, red or blue as it complements her black fur better. Those that no longer fits are now 

Our human's love for fashion and style contributed a lot for Khaleesi's wardrobe to get this huge. Her human daddy sews almost 50% of her wardrobe, now using patterns he created himself. He takes inspiration from the latest trends and pinterest. 

(We will share a pet clothing DIY tutorial soon)

We also have clothing stores, and our friends to thank for some clothing given as gifts

Pet Clothing Stores (ranked by number of owned pieces)
1. Pawstura (24%)
3. PoochTotty (19%)
2. WhatTheBark (14%)
4. Coco Loco (12.3%)
5. Pettishmanila  (8%)
6. Fury Tails (7.7%)
7. Dogs and the City (5.5%)
8. International Shipped (5%)
9. Happie Puppies(3.5%)
10. Pet Island(2%)

(We will post a top 10 Pet Stores soon, we'll take inconsideration everything we experienced)

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XOXO The Kardogshians

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