Sunday, October 14, 2018

We met Maya through a friend of a friend, her human was scheduled to leave the country leaving her human no choice but to put Maya up for adoption. Following our principles and support for #AdoptDontShop we decided to take her in and provide for the care and support that she needs.

Her given name is Maya of Habilis, a descendant of Loki of Wolfenson and Merida or Kingspoint she's a Siberian Husky of quality pedigree. While it doesn't matter to us, we believe it's worth mentioning since she's the only adopted Kardogshian with papers.

As of the time being, she's slowly transitioning or adapting with her new environment, new humans, and new playmates. As a Kardogshian, she's starting to warm up with the rest of the pack. The little ones are still afraid of her size though. 

She's playful, energetic and quite sweet in her own little ways, she loves to sit beside her new human as the latter studies for his exams.

Expect to see a lot of her very soon in all our platforms..

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Monday, October 8, 2018

We’ve never been a fan of using collars for dogs, we find it a bit inhumane to pull a dog by his/her neck, that’s why we always opt for harnesses. Before we always get the cheap cute ones at around 150-300php each but they always end up short lived leaving us with no choice but to keep buying and buying new ones.

Finally we decided to simply get a more durable albeit more expensive one, but we need to be on Kardogshian brand, meaning we had to have something that’s durable and cute. 

And there it was, PUPPIA!

Puppia is probably one of the leading brands for high quality pet harness that specializes in durable stylish pet harnesses for small to medium sized dog breeds.

What we love about Puppia is the material and the print that never fades even after multiple washing. It’s material is thick yet breathable, and light and the Kardogshians are loving it.

Our first 2 Puppia harnesses were gifts from a friend (The black and gold, and the furry angel wings which is not in the photos) the suceeding 2 (blue and pink chevron) we bought from a friend who used to re-sell these costing us atleast 2,500php each. and the last one was won from an international competition.

Puppia Harnesses are available in selected Hobbes and Lands and in Lazada, There, prices vary from 3,500-6,000php.

 It maybe costly but it sure is worth it, we’ve had ours for about 3 years and it’s still just as durable as it was before. 

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XOXO The Kardogshians

Saturday, September 29, 2018

We found this Dog IQ Test shared by renowned pet behavioralist, Warren Eckstein, and it really opened our eyes. We normally associate a dog’s intelligence with their abilities to perform tricks or exhibiting very human like behavior, however, studies show that your dog’s problem solving skills are perhaps the best way to determine how mentally adept they are. 

Kinds of Dog Intelligence

According to pet behavioralist, Warren Eckstein, Dogs has two basic kinds of intelligence. First is INSTINCTIVE,  this type of intelligence comes with the breed and type of dog, so certain dog breeds have inherent abilities that differ from others, i.e. some dog breeds are sight oriented, and some are smell oriented. 

The second one is ADOPTIVE, which is the ability of a dog to learn, comprehend, and remember certain things. Eckstein further provides that the two are not better than the other, they are simply different kinds of intelligene

The IQ Test

This test can give you a general idea about your dog's intelligence, but wise pet owners maintain their own criteria. Eckstein, provided these set of tests and some scoring system that aims can help you keep track of your dog’s intelligence. It examines their…. Here are some of his notes when deciding to try out.
  1. Don’t necessarily try to do these tests in one day, because your dog might get overwhelmed.
  2. DONT BE NEGATIVE, provide possitive re-enforcement and refrain from scolding or getting mad at your dog if he/she doesn’t get it.
  3. Give them lots of love and encouragement after even if the results are in the negative

Here’s how the Kardogsians’ IQ Test went, we’ll also provide the instructions so you may try it yourselves. 

Following the said rules provided, we did this in two days, with 3 tests per day to each Kardogshian Member; Raven, Khaleesi, Harley Quinn, Bart, and the Twins; Kylie and Konnor. We will be keeping scores and on the last day, we will tally them up and award them in the Kardogshians’ Doggy Graduation Ceremony. 

Also we did this test TWICE, yup, the reason why is in the conclusion down bellow but as far as the results are concerned we focused on the second exam.

Task 1: Towel Test

What is tested: Problem Solving Skills


How: Take a large towel or blanket and gently place it over your dog’s head. You have to keep track of the time on how long will it take for your doggo to free himself


Scoring: Less than 15 seconds - 3pts | 15-30 seconds - 2pts | Longer than 30 seconds - 1pt.

Our results:

Task 2: Bucket Test

What is tested: Memory and ability to learn and retain information


How: Place a dog treat or a favorite toy under one of three buckets (we used cups instead) placed next to each other. Show your dog which bucket/cup you placed it under. Then turn your dog away for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, let them try to find the treat

Scoring:  If they guessed it after one try - 3pts | if it took them two attemps - 2pts | If your dog looked through all of the cups - 1pt

Our results:

Task 3: Favorite Spot

What is tested: Reasoning and Cognition
How: IDEALLY with your dog out of the room, rearrange the furniture. When he re-enters the room, observe if he finds his favorite spot immediately. HOWEVER since the kardogshians don’t necessarily have a favorite spot what they have is a favorite person, thus we cannot do this exactly how it is, and made our alternative that test reasoning and cognition, we did Hide and Seek and timed how long it’ll take them to find us.

Scoring:  Less than 30 seconds  - 3pts | More than 30 - 2pts | If your dog gave up - 1pt

Our results:

Task 4: Chair Puzzle

What is tested: Reasoning and Problem Solving

How: Place a treat under a table or chair low enough so your dog can only fit his/her paw and cannot fit her head. Observe how he/she did it.

ScoringWith only her paw  - 3pts | If she tries to use her head to retrieve it - 2pts | If your dog gave up - 1pt

Our results:

Task 5: Walk Test

What is tested: Reasoning and Problem Solving

How: On a day or time you normally don't walk your dog, quietly pick up your keys, and his leash while he's watching you. 

Scoringif he gets excited immediately  - 3pts | If you have to walk to the door before he gets it - 2pts | If gets confused - 1pt

Our results: 

Task 6: Barrier test

What is tested: Reasoning and Problem Solving

How: Construct a barrier from cardboard that is 5 feet wide and taller than your dog when she's on two legs, so she can't see over it.  Attach two boxes to either side as support structures.  In the center of the cardboard, cut a 3 inch-wide rectangular hole,  it should run from about 4 inches from the top to about 4 inches from the bottom.  (This way, the dog can see through the barrier but cannot physically get through.)  Toss a toy or treat to the other side of the barrier, or have someone stand on the other side. Time how long it’ll take them to walk around the barrier.


Scoring: within 30 seconds - 3pts | more than 30 seconds - 2pts | if your dog walks away or worst gets his head stuck in the hole - 1pt

Our results: 

Scoring and Results

Add all the accumulated score, you can categorize your pet's intelligence through the following;

Kardogshian University Graduation

Of course we have to be extra, we're the Kardogshians, we have a license to be extra! Hahaha Kidding aside, we really did, we tallied the results and here are the reciepients of the first Kardogshian University, the medal of honors.

Our cum laude is.... Raven!!!

Our Magna Cum Laude is... Bart!!!

Our Suma Cum Laude is..... Khaleesi!!!

The results are particularly shocking to us, we always assumed Raven and Harley were the smartest because of how they act, their breed, and their ability to be independent. Khaleesi while knowing a bunch of tricks, surprised me as we didn’t peg her much as the smartest Kardogshian, we thought she was quite mediocre in the intelligence department. Bart on the other hand is the biggest surprise, he was the hardest to train amongst all them because he lacks focus and has ADHD.

Khaleesi and Bart tied for first place so we needed to have a tie breaker. We did the bucket test again since both of them aced that test, they still got it at first try, although Khaleesi got it quicker.


I’m a photographer thus I train my dogs to pose on camera. We did this test twice because apparently our dogs have a tendency to stay still when infront of the camera.  We wanted to document this experience so we can show our readers how it’s done, but each time we present them with a test they just stay still and look at the camera. So we did the first exam with camera and the second one without, and the results varied marginally.

Anyway our personal take on this is that; Doing this test was not only fun, hilarious, and exciting it’s also quite the bonding experience. Knowing who the smartest is or the contrary, does not change how we view, or love our dogs, HOWEVER it did occur to us that their previous training, and life experiences (environmental exposure, accidents, travel, socializing, human respect, and training) contributes a lot. Khaleesi and Bart got the highest scores probably because they were able to travel, had accidents, Khaleesi even had babies and miscarriage experience, and she was once a shelter dog. While the twins got the least result probably because of their lack of life experience, also taking note that Kylie, while at the same age and training as Konnor, got higher than Konnor probably because of her experience taking care of her babies and pregnancy. 

If your dog does not particularly perform well, don’t worry, it is not something to be taken in its finality. As we have concluded ourselves, maybe life experience contributes to this. Meaning there’s still a possibility of raising their Doggy IQ, with a little effort from the humans, they can be as smart as smart dogs can go. Also don’t get sad or defensive or even angry. Like humans, one’s low IQ doesn’t automatically mean they’re stupid per se, as they could excel in other stuff as well.


  1. W. Eckstein, How Smart Is Your Dog? Give Him an IQ Test, Today, 2016

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Jen Atkins is Kim Kardashian and Kendal Jener’s go to hair pro, and the founder of OUIA hair products. If you’re a fan of Sephora you probably already know the OUIA brand of hair products, and just recently they produced a Limited Edition OUIA Pet Shampoo.

We’re not going to lie, it’s quite expensive, $30 to be exact (with tax) that’s approximately 1,500 Philippine peso per bottle, not to mention the shipping fee which is another story. The company explains that 15% of the proceeds will go to Vanderpump Dog Foundation, a pet aesthetic and personality rehabilitation shelter that takes in abandoned dogs, and rehabilitates them so that they may be adopted by a loving family.

According to their site, the shampoo is formulated with odor-fighting cleansers and apple cider vinegar, aloe and hibiscus extract, with a promise to leave your pet looking shinny and less knotty. The pet shampoo likewise omits parabens, sulfates, and phtalates and boasts one of Ouai’s signature fragrances: No.1 which comprises of notes of italian lemon, turkish rose, jasmin sambac, iris, lily, and white musk

While that all seems promising, the real question is, does it live up to the hype and is it worth it? To answer those questions we had to try it for ourselves. For the purposes of a holistic review, we are trying these on three Kadogshians; Harley Quinn (Shihpoo) Bart (Pomspitz) and Khaleesi (Chihuahua) and compare it with our trusty P200 pet shampoo.


Harley Quinn often gets her fur all messed up, specially the facial area. She has these tear marks and always has her facial fur wet and all over the place. Here, she’s the only Kardogshian to have her fur professionally groomed, so the test for her is basically, whether or not we can achieve the same quality as pet groomers provide?

Bart’s fur is pretty straightforward and kinky, it doesn’t get as messy as Harley Quinn’s but it has that sort of rough texture that can be irritating in contact to human skin. The main test for him is whether this shampoo can help soften it up.

Khaleesi’s fur is short and does not need much attention, for the purposes of the review we had to add in a short haired dog.


The packaging itself is very minimalistic, the bottle cap is hexagon in shape which is something we have yet to encounter in any human products let alone a dog shampoo. They send it to you in a box with a quote that says…

The consistency of the shampoo is a little thinner than all the other dog shampoos which is a good thing for us personally cuz it’s easier to spread around their fur and body. The smell is good but a bit common though, we can’t pin point what exact product it smells like, but it really smells familiar. 

Compared to our P200 dog shampoo this definitely looks and feels more luxurious.


Generally their fur actually got softer and a bit silkier which we’re living for. Also my hands feel softer after I bathe them, which is something I’ve never experienced in any shampoo.

Another thing we've noticed is a week since their OUIA bath, the scent lasted for approximately 7 days, admittedly just like our 200php shampoo. Although to compare scents, our 200php pet shampoo smells a bit generic while OUIA smells more luxurious

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn's fur is the one that changed greatly, her fur became smoother and somehow straighter, the shampoo relaxed her fur immensely.


As for bart, his fur got softer in texture, and more fluffier.


Khaleesi's fur got silkier and eliminated her natural dog scent

If you’re interested in this product, We’ve just been informed that it is now sold out. Here’s to wishing it’ll come back!
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Monday, September 24, 2018

We'll leave you all in the capable hands of our resident diva, Khaleesi to teach you this recipe. Also he'll be providing alternatives incase your furbaby has certain allergies.

PREP TIME: 45mins
SERVING: 2-4dogs

You'll need:

  • 3/4 kilo of meat (any meat)
  • a pinch of Salt
  • 1 Carrot (finely chopped)
  • 1 Potato (finely chopped)
  • 2 large Eggs
  • 1 cup Whole Wheat Flour


- this recipe requires no precision of measurements as you can just eyeball everything, but usually this is the measurement that we use. 
- You can use a combination of any meat

1. Preheat oven to 350degrees

2. In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients first, then add the egg. 

Note: It's optional, but it would be so much easier to mix it using a food processor that's how I ended up with a paste like mixture

4. Line your baking pan with baking paper or grease it a little bit. Then pour your mixture in your pan and try to level the surface 

5. Bake it for 30mins.

Note: Check it constantly, since this is a thick mixture of meat expect a little burnt sides.

6. Place it on a cooling rack and let it cool down before serving

7. And you're done!

  • The thing about this meatloaf recipe is that you can use any type of meat. EVEN LEFTOVERS. We did this once using leftover baby back ribs, some ham, and some left over chicken.
  • When using leftovers make sure to wash it down first to remove stuff like like salt, pepper, any sauces, or any condiments off the meat (You're strictly going to need the MEAT ONLY).
  • When using leftovers make sure to lesen your cooking time to about 15mins as the meat you have is already cooked.
  • It is advisable to use a blender or food processor when using leftovers to further break down the meat

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