Saturday, December 30, 2017

Throwback: Khaleesi 1st Diva Day Party

Khaleesi was the first to celebrate her birthday party-style amongst the Kardogshians and her dads went all out for her first birthday, also known as DivaDay. For her first year she had a Chanel themed party. While her actual birthday is on the 22nd of January, it was celebrated on the 21st of January because of the availability of her guests.

Disclosure: Most photos here are taken by our friend HeyHershey

Mandatory, Pre-Birthday Photoshoot and, then little bart just loves to photobomb

Almost everything was DIYed. from the decor, the food, up to the lootbags, everything is handmade. Since the theme is Chanel, the color palette centered on black, white, and pink, A lot of black and white stripes with a splash of pink, cuz Chanel's all about that classic fashionista stripes.

These handmade loot bags have the chanel logo on it as well as @Khaleesithediva logo on the other side. What's inside; Handmade doggy accessory, and assorted doggie treats.

Lootbag Table

Of course we used the #KhaleesiDivaDay as the official hashtag of the party so if you're looking to see more photos from the event check it out on Instagram. As for the doggie photobooth, it features the same stripes and the DIVA letters

Check out our dear friend's Photobooth Pics

We apologize for we can't completely remember what food was served that day, but there was definitely plenty and of course the mandatory dessert table with the black russian jello shots, pana cotta spoons, and black velvet cupcakes.

Black Velvet Cupcakes

Of course we had pupcakes made with liver and chicken breast cake recipe, in rice cupcake paper, topped with cream cheese frosting.

Homemaid Liver and Chicken Breast Pupcakes

Our doggy guests came in adorned  in their custom made Chanel-like outfits. We asked everyone to dress in either black, white, or pink. 

It was like puppy heaven, the place is small so we didn't have much space to walk around but the doggies found a way to enjoy still, they played underneath the long tables, and sniffed each other's butts

Of course, the birthday girl had to change outfits because the train of her birthday dress takes way too much space. 

For a first try in throwing a doggie party, we were pretty impressed with ourselves. We did however, take with us lessons on how to perfect a doggie party, like get a bigger venue, (air conditioned if you must) and have stuff to do for your guests and their doggies.

It is tiring and effortful to throw one but it sure is rewarding. 

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XOXO The Kardogshians


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