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All-Natural Pet Treats by PAWFECT PLATE

What started out as merely wanting to provide, the founder, Erika Santos' pups with high quality nutrition and catering to their picky palate and food sensitivities, resulted in the creation of Pawfect Plate, the all-natural artisan pet kitchen based in the Philippines. When asked what what motivated her to start Pawfect Plate, she replied;
"My dogs, Bailey and Summer, are the motivation behind Pawfect Plate.
Bailey and Summer (@TwotoyPoodles)
Both had severe allergies and it pained us to see them suffering. After several vet visits and trial–and-error quick fixes, we were advised to provide a fresh and natural diet for our furbabies. I felt reassured knowing what goes into my furballs’ food and it helped to monitor what triggered their allergies. From there, we started creating treats for them. After much market research, consultations and studies on nutritional value, we ventured into dehydrated treats! We loved the positive responses from not only our own pups but also canine and feline babies of friends and complete strangers"

Pawfect Plate takes pride in their products. This preservative-free treats are is why we thoroughly studied and concocted. The treats are achieved through dehydration which retains the meats’ vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and amino acids, removes the moisture in the meat making it more drool-icious! and makes the meat bone softer which is safer for your furbaby's digestion.

Of course being an advocate for dog's health and well being, we just had to give this all natural treats a try. Here's our review;

Sardinella looks a lot like the daing that you can get at your local sari-sari store, but make no mistake, it's not the same. Sardinella as the name indicates is made out of dehydrated sardines, what sets it apart is the lack of spices which is good as the saltiness of the regular daing can be harmful to dogs.

It gets crummy, mostly because the fish bones have been pulverized, but it's a good thing in a way that your furbaby's insides won't get pricked by the fish bones.

Us trying to recreate a scene from 2015's Jurasic World

Mostly it was the girls who loved this variant. We tried feeding it to our adopted kittens, and they end up loving it like a lot. The sardinella is about 3/4s their size (small kitties) and they chowed it down in about 3 seconds.

Sized and cut perfectly for big dogs. For those who does not know what ox tripe is, it's the one we call "twalya" here in the Philippines, because it really does look like a face towel, commonly added to a filipino dish, Kare-Kare.

It's tougher than the other three we tried, We broke it into pieces so that the little ones can have a try. Raven, for obvious reasons, did not have a hard time, finished a piece in seconds and loved it. Khaleesi, Harley and Bart, loved it as well though it took them a good 2-3mins to finish the whole thing. 

Chicken feet are like a delicacy here in the Philippines, so why deprive doggies of this local delicacy? Pawfect Plate has got you covered. The dehydration process, makes the bones softer, so any fear of your furbaby choking over a small bone is gone.

What we love about Chicken Xanders is that; it has the challenge of a regular bone, with the deliciousness of chicken meat all in one, In fact....

 ... Every Kardoghian member LOVED IT!

I think I speak for everyone when I say, that liver is our favorite meat, we had it in our cakes, in our pupcakes, we had them boiled on a recurring basis, we even had baked liver cubes topped with cheese during special occasions. Bottomline, The Kardogshians are obsessed with liver.

So having dehydrated liver is like the best thing ever, unlike commercially available liver flavored treats, this one's made with actual liver. Talk about healthy and delish!

No surprise there! everyone loved it! We even tried feeding it to the cats and they love it also.

You can get your PAWFECT PLATE treat on their bazaars, just follow their IG account for updates, it's also available online, You can check out their site here


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