Saturday, December 9, 2017

Harley Quinn 1st Pool Pawty

Harley Quinn's birthday falls on the 10th of April which is summertime here in the Philippines. What better theme to have for her birthday than a pool party.

The decor is pretty simple and straightforward, All summer colors is BOLD and loud hues. We had these cute yellow plates from the nearest grocery store which goes well with the yellow ensemble the Kardogshians wore, there are a lot of different hues of blue and a dash of orange, green, and pink.

We went for a resort type summer feel, like the aesthetics of almost every resort in the philippines. We DIYed this table using two slabs of fresh wood on top of our bedroom end tables. In the center of it all, we set up a huge kiddie pool for the doggies to swim around in.

When you see Bart you'll sh*t bricks

For the Lootbags we settled for loot crates, we got these cute small plastic crates at Japanese Home 4pcs for 100php. As well as the travel size dog towels, which is worth just as much. we also included yellow hair clips for the girls and yellow bow ties for the boys.

For the food, we had a potluck, Harley Quin's human mom cooked Penne Pasta, and fried creamy dory. Our friend @ abcfff1's Pancho and Buster brought a lot of food from Ambers. We enjoyed it over a glass of wine. We didn't have a picture as the set up did not look so nice.

The doggies seem to enjoy their pool time in their bathing suits, while the humans are in 100% supervision mode.

Don't worry, the pool is not as deep, the dogs can still stand if they get tired of swimming.

We only had a few guests so we had it in our garage which was quite enough for 7 human guests and 9 doggies.

Oh bart, why are you staring at the gorgeous Yuri like a perv?

And there goes Bart again with another lady, our friend Bailey from @ Twotoypoodles 

Pool pawties are awesome, just make sure your dog loves it as much as you do. As some dogs take a little while to get used to the idea of swimming, (most of them don't even like baths) the trick to throwing an awesome pool party are a lot of preparations, make sure everyone are enjoying themselves, and a lot of color of course.

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XOXO The Kardogshians

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