Saturday, December 30, 2017

Khaleesi was the first to celebrate her birthday party-style amongst the Kardogshians and her dads went all out for her first birthday, also known as DivaDay. For her first year she had a Chanel themed party. While her actual birthday is on the 22nd of January, it was celebrated on the 21st of January because of the availability of her guests.

Disclosure: Most photos here are taken by our friend HeyHershey

Mandatory, Pre-Birthday Photoshoot and, then little bart just loves to photobomb

Almost everything was DIYed. from the decor, the food, up to the lootbags, everything is handmade. Since the theme is Chanel, the color palette centered on black, white, and pink, A lot of black and white stripes with a splash of pink, cuz Chanel's all about that classic fashionista stripes.

These handmade loot bags have the chanel logo on it as well as @Khaleesithediva logo on the other side. What's inside; Handmade doggy accessory, and assorted doggie treats.

Lootbag Table

Of course we used the #KhaleesiDivaDay as the official hashtag of the party so if you're looking to see more photos from the event check it out on Instagram. As for the doggie photobooth, it features the same stripes and the DIVA letters

Check out our dear friend's Photobooth Pics

We apologize for we can't completely remember what food was served that day, but there was definitely plenty and of course the mandatory dessert table with the black russian jello shots, pana cotta spoons, and black velvet cupcakes.

Black Velvet Cupcakes

Of course we had pupcakes made with liver and chicken breast cake recipe, in rice cupcake paper, topped with cream cheese frosting.

Homemaid Liver and Chicken Breast Pupcakes

Our doggy guests came in adorned  in their custom made Chanel-like outfits. We asked everyone to dress in either black, white, or pink. 

It was like puppy heaven, the place is small so we didn't have much space to walk around but the doggies found a way to enjoy still, they played underneath the long tables, and sniffed each other's butts

Of course, the birthday girl had to change outfits because the train of her birthday dress takes way too much space. 

For a first try in throwing a doggie party, we were pretty impressed with ourselves. We did however, take with us lessons on how to perfect a doggie party, like get a bigger venue, (air conditioned if you must) and have stuff to do for your guests and their doggies.

It is tiring and effortful to throw one but it sure is rewarding. 

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Friday, December 29, 2017

What started out as merely wanting to provide, the founder, Erika Santos' pups with high quality nutrition and catering to their picky palate and food sensitivities, resulted in the creation of Pawfect Plate, the all-natural artisan pet kitchen based in the Philippines. When asked what what motivated her to start Pawfect Plate, she replied;
"My dogs, Bailey and Summer, are the motivation behind Pawfect Plate.
Bailey and Summer (@TwotoyPoodles)
Both had severe allergies and it pained us to see them suffering. After several vet visits and trial–and-error quick fixes, we were advised to provide a fresh and natural diet for our furbabies. I felt reassured knowing what goes into my furballs’ food and it helped to monitor what triggered their allergies. From there, we started creating treats for them. After much market research, consultations and studies on nutritional value, we ventured into dehydrated treats! We loved the positive responses from not only our own pups but also canine and feline babies of friends and complete strangers"

Pawfect Plate takes pride in their products. This preservative-free treats are is why we thoroughly studied and concocted. The treats are achieved through dehydration which retains the meats’ vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and amino acids, removes the moisture in the meat making it more drool-icious! and makes the meat bone softer which is safer for your furbaby's digestion.

Of course being an advocate for dog's health and well being, we just had to give this all natural treats a try. Here's our review;

Sardinella looks a lot like the daing that you can get at your local sari-sari store, but make no mistake, it's not the same. Sardinella as the name indicates is made out of dehydrated sardines, what sets it apart is the lack of spices which is good as the saltiness of the regular daing can be harmful to dogs.

It gets crummy, mostly because the fish bones have been pulverized, but it's a good thing in a way that your furbaby's insides won't get pricked by the fish bones.

Us trying to recreate a scene from 2015's Jurasic World

Mostly it was the girls who loved this variant. We tried feeding it to our adopted kittens, and they end up loving it like a lot. The sardinella is about 3/4s their size (small kitties) and they chowed it down in about 3 seconds.

Sized and cut perfectly for big dogs. For those who does not know what ox tripe is, it's the one we call "twalya" here in the Philippines, because it really does look like a face towel, commonly added to a filipino dish, Kare-Kare.

It's tougher than the other three we tried, We broke it into pieces so that the little ones can have a try. Raven, for obvious reasons, did not have a hard time, finished a piece in seconds and loved it. Khaleesi, Harley and Bart, loved it as well though it took them a good 2-3mins to finish the whole thing. 

Chicken feet are like a delicacy here in the Philippines, so why deprive doggies of this local delicacy? Pawfect Plate has got you covered. The dehydration process, makes the bones softer, so any fear of your furbaby choking over a small bone is gone.

What we love about Chicken Xanders is that; it has the challenge of a regular bone, with the deliciousness of chicken meat all in one, In fact....

 ... Every Kardoghian member LOVED IT!

I think I speak for everyone when I say, that liver is our favorite meat, we had it in our cakes, in our pupcakes, we had them boiled on a recurring basis, we even had baked liver cubes topped with cheese during special occasions. Bottomline, The Kardogshians are obsessed with liver.

So having dehydrated liver is like the best thing ever, unlike commercially available liver flavored treats, this one's made with actual liver. Talk about healthy and delish!

No surprise there! everyone loved it! We even tried feeding it to the cats and they love it also.

You can get your PAWFECT PLATE treat on their bazaars, just follow their IG account for updates, it's also available online, You can check out their site here


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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Traveling with a dog is not as simple as bringing your dog with you, of course there are some essentials that you must bring with you at all times when traveling with your furbaby, here's our Top 10 Travel Essentials for Dogs

Disclaimer, photos are procured all around the internet, in some cases, we don't have the things exactly like the photo presented, likewise the shop offers does not always have the exact items.

Poop bags are essential, because you can never tell when a poop accident may occur. It's in the top of our list because picking up after your dog has done its business,  is a sign of responsible pet ownership that every pet owner must practice, also so that dogs wont get banned in public places.

Where we got ours: Daiso (88php)
Other places where it is available: All Pet Stores (70-200php)

This is a big obvi to everyone, don't forget your furbaby's food. Also you might want to bring snacks for your dog's constant need for food. Since our human drives a pick up, the dog food is often sealed at the truck bed, that's why we always have treats that are easily accessible. 

Where we got ours: Grocery 
Other places where it is available: All Pet Stores and Groceries

This is an essential because of it's portability, we often find our dog thirsty, from hiking, from the hot temperature, from the long walks, and/or from a tiring activity, this way you need not to bring both a bowl and a water bottle for your dog.

Where we got ours: Daiso (88php)
Other places where it is available: Pet Island (65-75php) Happie Puppies (65-75php)

Even if your dog is well behaved, you'd never know when your dog gets the sudden urge to chase after a cat, or a bird, or other dogs or worse, children, so for the safety of everyone around you, bring a collar and leash with you.

We're one of those who uses harness rather than collars. We have Puppia for your small dogs and EzyDog for the big dogs, which are the two best brands of harnesses you can find. They're durable and comfortable. You can find EzyDog products at Pet Express, Puppia at Hobbes and Landes.

Where we got ours: Flexi Retractable Leash (Gift) Puppia (1,500php)
Other places where it is available: Pet Island (220-280php) Happie Puppies (50-700php)

Khaleesi wearing her Puppia Harness

What's great about a collapsible pet bowl is its ease of cleaning, you can just wipe it with tissue, or wipes after every meal, it's made of silicon, which makes it somehow durable.

Where we got ours: Pet Express (125php)
Other places where it is available: Happie Puppies (50php) 

This is an optional essential but we added it anyways since we always have one in our travel kit. You're probably thinking, why would I need this? It's simple actually, you need it specially when going to the beach. After a dip in the water or simply running around the sand, your dogs need to be washed thoroughly, as sea salt (which exists in the sand alone) can cause skin irritation when left for a very long time.

A little life hack, we repack our shampoo into travel size plastic bottles so we wouldn't have to bring our huge bottles of shampoo from home.

Where we got ours: S&R (shampoo) Expressions (small plastic bottles)
Other places where it is available: All Grocery and Pet Stores

Most restaurants, malls, and public airconditioned places does not allow dogs inside, specially without a diaper, which limits your choices of where to eat and where to shop. There are two kinds of diapers out there, disposable ones, and the washable ones. We highly recommend the washable ones as it fits better than the disposable ones, also it's eco friendly since you can just wash it off once used.

Also for the maintenance of your car's leather interiors you must have pet pads, not only for accidents but also an added protection for your leather interior to not get scratched up, a washable one exists however it can get quite expensive.
Where we got ours: Pettish Manila (150php)
Other places where it is available: Pet Island (180php) Happie Puppies (180php)

Pet Pads
Where we got ours: Daiso (88php)
Other places where it is available: All Pet Stores and SM Hypermarket

Tissues and wet wipes is a must for clean up purposes, dogs can get a bit messy at times, whether your dog is doing his or her business, or eating wet food, or throwing up cuz he or she is not car trained. It's good to have a stock of tissues or wet wipes with you when you travel

Pet blankets and towels are mainly for their comfort. Dogs can get stressed out, when in a foreign place, so bring their favorite blanket with them so they would feel safer. 

Where we got ours: Daiso (176php)
Other places where it is available: Lazada (Varied Prices)

It's not exactly an essential, that's why it's way down our list and is applicable only to small dogs. However having a pet carrier can help a lot, especially if you need both of your hands available. Strollers help in carrying a lot of stuff, most, if not all strollers have a compartment below and a hanging hook on the handle to help you carry a lot of stuff.

Where we got ours: M&T Pet Couture (500php)
Other places where it is available: Pet Island (420php-550php) Happie Puppies (450-2,000php)

Pet Bed
This is somehow essential especially if you're staying in a place where dogs are not allowed in bed, so your furry pal can have a place to rest and relax, they need it just as much as you do.

Lint Roller
This is for your shedding pets, not only for your own clothes but also for your car, hotel linens, etc.

Pet Life Vest
Specially if your travel involves the beach, yes your dog can swim, but dogs get cramps to and also how durable is your pet exactly when it comes to the harsh waves. This also include a ring where you can hook a leash on. Whenever we go to the beach we always have this inflatable boat for the dogs and tie their life vests there incase they want to jump on the waters with the humans. 

Pet Seat Belt
This is a must specially for big dogs who sits at the back seat, safety is at the outmost importance, we don't care if your human is the best driver in the world, accidents happen, and it's better to be safe than sorry. Also this would help contain your dog, as most dog's movements are unpredictable. 

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