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The Kardogshians aim to; provide assistance to every pet owners through information and education, promote camaraderie and unity in the Philippine pet owner community, advocate responsible pet ownership, animal welfare and their rights, preserve and advance the filipino culture and lifestyle, and to encompass awareness with regards to animal related issues


Birthday: January 5, 2015 
Date of Adoption: February 10, 2015 
Breed: Lab-Mix
Likes: Mommy and the other Humans, Big Bones, Long Walks and Play Time
Dislikes: Khaleesi
Color Assignment: Purple

Raven is the first to join the Padilla family. She was adopted from a friend with the hopes of aiding in the youngest Padilla's anxiety issues. Raven was separated early from her biological mother at only 1 month old, as a result, she's gotten very attached to her adopted family, she grew up sleeping right next to the family members, feeling like she found the perfect home.

Shes borderline obsessed with the Padillas. The family loves their OG baby and their OG baby loves them as well. She was taught to sit and stand on command and she was quick to learn. Recently she learned how to hug on command.

Whenever the Padillas have guests over the house, they always end up saying "Raven's my favorite" because of her lovable ways, but be warned she knows trouble when she sees one, she might be as sweet as apple pie but if a bad guy comes, her inner warrior will appear.

Birthday: January 22, 2015 
Date of Adoption: June 27, 2015 
Breed: Chihuahua
Likes: Soft beds, Gorgeous Clothes, Bellyrubs, Being Carried and Attention
Dislikes: Long Walks, Food Stealers, Not Being the Center of Attention
Color Assignment: Pink

Khaleesi was adopted at PAWS. This feisty little girl quickly gained her title as a diva, when we brought her home, she ran quickly to the sofa and refuses to be touched by anyone till she started warming up to us. The first trick she learned was to "pose" on command as her designated human is a photographer, the second and third tricks she learned is to dance and act sad on command. 

She has gained popularity on Instagram which paved ways for her diva celebrity-like lifestyle; she walked on multiple runway shows, won contests, endorsed online businesses, appeared on several events, and was briefly featured on a local television show. Now she owns about 300 pieces of clothing in her own closet. 

She's the most accident prone amongst all the Kardogshians, and speaking of accidents, she gave birth last year to four gorgeous pups, however only the twins were able to remain in the household. She once suffered a miscarriage but is doing well now.

Birthday: April 10, 2015 
Date of Adoption: July 10, 2015 
Breed: Shihpoo
Likes: Cuddles, Being Carried, Little Puppies,
Dislikes: Disappointed Humans, and Blowing on Her Fur
Color Assignment: Red

Loves everyone and everything, Harley Quinn is the ultimate sweetheart in the group. She was brought home as a birthday gift for the eldest Padilla child, and is being well taken cared of by her. Harley Quinn has that soft caring spot for everyone, and a sort of maternal instinct when it comes to the twins. She's not as competitive like the others when it comes to food.

She's clingy and independent at the same time, when the humans are not around she knows how to take care of herself as well as others, but when a human is present she'll cling on you like it's been forever since she last saw you.

She's very curious, she loves to explore and try out new things. Whenever Bart is humping her she knows how to fend him off, by sitting on the floor, (Now that's one doggie contraceptive she invented herself) She's playful and energetic, and makes herself available for everyone who wants to play.

Birthday: August 26 2015
Breed: Pomspitz
Likes: Bellyrubs, Long Walks, Guarding the House, and Playtime with Human Daddy
Dislikes: When Human Daddy Leaves for School
Color Assignment: Blue

His long name is Bartholomeow Vaugn Jojo. He's called Bart most of the time (because his human daddy loves Bart Simpson.) When he was first brought home, he didn't get a very warm welcome from his prior sisters, as it is their first time to encounter a male dog in the house, he was most of the time bullied by latter, but then as time got by, he claimed Alpha status and became the protector of his sisters. He might not be the toughest and the bravest (Raven and Khaleesi are) but he gets the job done.

He's very clingy, he loves to come wherever his human daddy goes, and he's very playful with his other siblings. Bart can be sum up as a huge ball of furry energy, he never runs out of it, even as we're about to go to sleep, he always runs around to check if the bedroom is safe.

While this mischievous boy has yet to learn any tricks as of yet, he have won contests on Instagram as well as walked some of the runways Khaleesi has been to.

Birthday: October 26, 2016
Breed: Chihuahua
Likes: Any Human
Dislikes: Heights
Color Assignment: Yellow

Among the three baby girls of Khaleesi she was the last to be chosen, At first the Family was so sure of keeping the one with the richest darkest brown fur, but then Kylie won them over with her sweet and clinggy, boarderline needy, personality. She's energetic and lovable. She can make anyone she comes in contact with be allured by her. Whenever her human daddy sits on the sofa she's the first to sit on his lap.

She's often described as Raven's Mini Me as they share a lot in common, they have the same personalities, looks, and loving ways. Unlike the elder Kardogshians, she has yet to discover her niche in the social media biz, and we're all very excited to see what she comes out as.

Birthday: October 26, 2016
Breed: Chihuahua
Likes: Nothing...
Dislikes: Everything...
Color Assignment: Green

Konnor seems to be a cat in a dog's body, he doesn't like to be touched, he doesnt come when called (even with food), but he has his moments where he just wants to squeeze in bed or on the sofa with the humans and the other Kardogshians. He's very alof but wins you back with his adorable head tilt (his signature pose.)

Konnor and Kylie goes hand in hand, they never leave each others side, he's always there for his twin. In fact, out of the two he was the first one to learn how to go up and down the stairs, Kylie's afraid of heights so it took her awhile to learn how to go up and down the stairs on her own, but before she was able to conquer her fears, Konnor would escort her up and down the stairs even if he has to go up just to fetch her up.

Birthday: January 7, 2017
Date of Adoption: October 6, 2018
Breed: Siberian Husky
Likes: Playtime and Daily walks
Dislikes: Being carried
Color Assignment: Brown

Maya is the biggest yet the youngest of all the Kardogshians. She's energetic and playful, quite the stubborn lady but is super sweet in her own little ways.


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