Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Meet Our Favorite Pet Couturier: Pooch Totty

Pooch Totty is the only Pet Couturier still in business as of recently in the Philippines, the owner Sydney Quizon, designs and creates these beautiful gowns and costumes with absolute precision and the most exquisite quality.

Pooch Totty started on March 2014, by fashion designer Sheena Quizon, and Sydney Quizon who likes to dress up her dog, Sayuri. But we always look for other design with sturdy fabrics which is hard to look for the market.

After watching the christmas commercial of rosie, david gandy and sparkles the dog  back in 2013, with a fairytale theme. It was then, when they decided to have their own business of pet clothes starting with their fairytale collection. After the success of their first collection they started introducing new designs.

According to its owner Sydney Quizon "The concept of pooch totty, is a daily glam for a modern stylish pooch. We want pets (cats and dogs) to look fabulous each day because we believe everyday is a special day."

Pooch Totty by definition translates to a ritzy fashionable pet, which the business tries to maintain.

They are so good that they were asked by Chalk Magazine to design Hawaiian pet clothing for the surprise doggy party of Janella Salvador, a local celebrity. As for the future of Pooch Totty, they announced that they will be launching Couture Pet Scarves by 2018.

You may order online her pre-existing designs or you can send a design of your own for her to do. It takes about a week or two (depending on the details) before you receive your custom made dog clothes, so send in your orders atleast two weeks before the actual need. Don't worry, it takes quite a bit of time but the results are magnificent, high quality, and very well tailored.

The Kardogshians are avid fans and customers of Poochtotty, we first met her on instagram and was blown away by how well made her products are. Here are only some of the gowns and costumes we got from her;

The Filipiniana and Barong Tagalog (Philippines Traditional Wear)

The Scream Queens Inspired Looks

The Twins 1st Birthday Ring Leader Costumes

The Japanese Kimono

The Tuxedo

And the Feather Dress

And a whole lot more, Check her out on Instagram, and have your custom tailored dog clothes made specially for your dog.

Pooch Totty 

Daily Glam For The Modern Stylish Pooch
IG: @PoochTotty
Facebook: www.facebook.com/poochtotties
SMS/Viber : 09174057787

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XOXO The Kardogshians

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