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10 Basic Rules and Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Bringing your dog with you in your travel adventure is the same as bringing a baby. You need to take due diligence at all times and always be prepared to whatever comes your way. Here are some rules and tips you should always take into consideration when bringing your dog...

Do: Pick Up After Your Pet
Don’t: Just leave the mess behind

JUST BE RESPONSIBLE. Since you’ve decided to bring your pet wherever you go, please make sure that you pick up after your pup. We’re looking at you miss don’t mind don’t care. People who leave their dog’s poop are giving a bad name to all dog owners everywhere. In fact, the once dog friendly places in Baguio, Tagaytay and Subic, banned dogs in their premises because of irresponsible pet owners who do not pick up their dog’s poop. Be responsible and pick up that poop, if you don’t want to be an inconvenience to a lot of people everywhere.

When traveling with your dog, prior planning is a must and duly considerations must be made. Planning includes, calling your hotel and other places in your itinerary to see if they’re pet friendly and adjusting if it aint so, and packing the right stuff to make sure everything you need is there, and what kind of transportation is available.

You plan ahead to make sure that everything's all set for you and your dog, check the itinerary if there are places in there that don't allow dogs admission, if so you need a contingency plan (locking your dog inside a car, or leaving them at the guard IS NEVER AN OPTION)

Kardogshian Tip: What we do is, we put every place that don't allow dogs admission on the middle days of the itinerary, that way I can leave the doggies inside my hotel room making sure they're safe.

Dont bring your dog if your transport choice is by commute, no buss lines would ever allow your dog inside the bus, some of them would even advice to put your dog at the compartment bellow (and if you're considering this, dont own a dog please)

If you're going to be a pet owner who wants to travel with their pet, it is suggested that they get travel trained as early as possible so that the dog can get used to the idea and wont get stressed anymore. Traveling is stressful to most dogs, you can see it through their actions, some would pace around, some would barf, some would cry, and some would downright poop.

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Part of travel training is potty training, you need to train the little one not to poop or pee inside the car, but to do their business while at stopover stations.

To do this, once you get your puppy at atleast 4 months old, bring them along in short drives, let them adopt to traveling in a car, once they're used to car travel take them on a short distance out of city trip, repeat this till you get it right.

We don't mean to scare you people, but DOGNAPING is real, just like what we mentioned in our intro, bringing a dog to travel is like bringing a baby, it needs constant attention and safeguarding. Pet owners should always keep an eye on their furbabies not only for their safety but the safety of everyone as well.

Make sure you have everything you need to ensure the comfort and security of your dog, and to seamlessly travel without the inconveniences. So what are these essentials? Basically you need
  • Dog Food
  • Water Bottle
  • Leash and Collar (Harnesses are highly recommended when traveling)
  • Pet Blanket
  • Poopbag
These are essentials. Other things such as towels, shampoos and what not are just circumstantial needs, for example, when going to the beach it's good to have a beach towel and shampoo to rinse off all the salt water. So in packing for your dog, take in consideration what will make him or her more comfortable in this specific trip that you're planning.


This is more of a life hack than it is a rule. What most dog owners don’t know is that some dog food are being sold in sachets in grocery stores, which is a perfect size for one serving per dog. Also incase of an emergency Seven11 sells some (but not all branches)

However, should you find dog food sachets to be expensive, you can just repack you’re own using ziplocks, this way their food are properly portioned per meal.

Kardogshian Tip: What we do is, I got this layered baby milk container where I put in dog food in meal portions that can last for 4 days max.

A lot of people love to travel with their dogs. Always take in consideration your dog’s size, skills, and temperament, in relation to your itinerary, activities, and transport conditions before bringing him or her. There are itineraries or places that restrict certain dog sizes, most hotels and resorts nowadays only allow small dogs to be brought inside the rooms. 

As far as activities are concerned, make sure that your dog wont be a hassle to you or that your dog wont be stressed, this is only to maintain enjoyment in both ends. In illustration; You don’t bring a chihuahua to a camping or hiking trip because you’ll end up carrying him or her all throughout, and you wouldn’t wanna bring a labrador to a tour around the city because most touring places are too crowded and it’ll stress your dog

This is not to say that bringing fido is not a good idea, what we want to stress here is that some adventures are meant without fido and some adventures are meant to be enjoyed with fido.

This is very important for your pet's health and well being, keeping them comfortable should be taken with the outmost importance. If you're to bring a furry dog, let's say a pomeranian to the beach, make sure he or she gets a lot of water and shade so that he or she  won't suffer heatstroke or overheating, If you're going on a hike, make sure to take short breaks in between to give your dog time to rest, If you're going on a long drive make sure he or she is secured and comfortable with beddings and some pillows.


Should you travel with your family or friends, your travel buddies must be informed of your plus one. You owe it to them as courtesy, as it is just as much their adventure as yours. Are there anyone in your group allergic to fur? are there anyone in your group afraid of dogs? Are they willing to adjust? those are the things you need to make sure before bringing fido. 

Bringing a dog unannounced can cause serious issues among the group, there might be places in your itinerary that cannot accommodate dogs that people will have to adjust for, or people can get annoyed at you for ruining such plans.

This is basically the sum of everything mentioned. Just be prepared, emotionally, and physically. You need to prepare yourself mentally to be responsible at all times, and physically prepared as bringing fido can be effortful and tiring at times. Being prepared can help a lot in making the whole trip enjoyable by both the human and the dog.

Bring your furbaby on a trip with you takes a lot than what we normally think, It takes preparations, careful planning, a lot of effort, and a lot of adjustments, but it sure is worth it as bringing dogs to travel can be so much fun for you and your dog. 

Humans like dogs need to adapt as well, at first it can be overwhelming to bring your dog along, but once you get the hang of it, it is definitely a lot of fun. 

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